Top 7 Things To Know About Easy Eddy Paddle-boards

1. Three Piece Design– assembles in about a minute and able to be stored in most cars and SUV’s.

2. Built In Storage– Keep-It-Dry storage compartment is a great place for your phone, shirt, keys, Shitzu and more.

3. Retractable Fin– our pivoting fin design allows you to surf right onto the beach and sit on the blard while on the beach without damaging the fin or the board.

4. Recyclable– no Styrofoam, fiberglass or PVC used in the construction of our board.

5. Weight — we’re not one of those 50+ pound molded boards. We’re working hard to deliver an engineered, rugged and durable board at about 35lbs.

6. Patent Pending– our design is unlike any other and delivers solid board performance worthy of patent protection.

7. Community Driven– we need YOUR help to finalize the design before launching. Email the features that are most important to you to efeinberg@easyeddypaddleboards.comand we’ll do our best to integrate the most requested suggestions. No suggestion is too small!

Learn more by visting our website:

Easy Eddy Paddleboards

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