3 Health Myths Most People Actually Believe

After years of listening and helping men and women around the country, the same few questions/concerns kept coming up. Dispelling false truths to the public is sadly, one of the biggest duties of this office. Men and women have been mislead their entire lives to believe a false set of standards, and in-so doing, have become physically ill from believing it. They listen to the commercials that promise younger skin, thinner bodies, or happiness.

Here are 10 Health Myths Most People Actually Believe

1 Just Taking Vitamins is good enough

The majority of vitamins and supplements sold in stores are synthetically created and will not break down or be digested, and the nutrients you think you’re getting, are never actually absorbed into your blood stream. Instead, after taking a cheap vitamin, it will simply go in one end and out the other. You are a living creature and need living nutrients, not ground up chalk and fake vitamins.

The FDA only approves these companies to sell their products based off of scientific research proving their health statements. However, the FDA does not conduct these investigations themselves; instead the vitamin companies perform these studies (or fund the studies) and continue to until they can find just 1 that proves their case and it is that study they send in for approval. A little financial support to the political elite and a deal is struck. You spend the money and see no results.

Make certain that you taking REAL vitamins in the form of their natural source first. Vitamins in and of themselves don’t change the world, because they aren’t intended to be ingested alone. Eating nutrients in their original states provides multitudes of benefits over taking vitamins. Make sure you are purchasing quality vitamins and supplements. If you’d like more help with supplementation and what’s right for you, please become a Member, or if you are a Member already, purchase our Supplement Review.

2 They are already eating healthy

The vast majority of people in America are not eating healthy but believe they are because they are sold into a lie that buying a Nutrigrain bar is good for you when it isn’t. Insult to injury, many of the processed foods we are eating not only lack nutrients, but also have ingredients that deplete whatever nutrients we do have. The caffeine in your “coffee” actually leeches the calcium right out of your bones. The chemicals in your 5 hour energy shot deplete your adrenal glands, and the milk in your cereal is causing bacteria to grow in your intestines and cause gas/bloating and constipation. Rethink your food choices. Are you eating healthy enough?

  1. Are you eating raw fruits/vegetables with every meal?
  2. Are you eating at least 1–2 large salads a day?
  3. Would you say that 70% of your diet is from unprocessed foods?

It’s not about another product to buy, it’s about buying less and eating more real food.

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3 Bottled juice is good for you

Bottled juice is NOT good for you. Period. Whether it is orange juice, Bottlehouse, “green juice” etc. If it is bottled, it is preserved. Regardless of the label.

Eat2Live2Love is all about juicing and we know, that because the nutrients we get from juice are alive, they will also die. Dead nutrients are useless to us. Knowing that fact, we also know that a freshly made juice, put in a container, will only last a maximum of 4 hours. So how are these companies keeping their products so fresh? Even if all of the oxygen was sucked from the container and kept in the dark, all things that are alive must die. Now, when you juice, you break up the plant and extract the juice (nutrients). When you juice, you break the plant cells, and the vitamins burst forth- but can only stay alive for a short time. Once you drink it and these acids mix with your saliva, they transform into the nutrients we call vitamins. But it takes both your salvia and the nutrients to still be alive in their original state. This doesn’t exist in processed juices. Most even add in sweetners and chemicals.

Riddle me this, if I created 10 juices out of my home, all identical, they would still TASTE different because each fruit/vegetable has it’s own unique flavonoids. So how can you buy 10 bottles of juice and they all magically taste the same? Our Eat2Live 101 Course goes in-depth into juicing and it’s benefits with resources, recipes and classes. Only Members can take part. To learn more, click HERE.

Start asking questions

To find truth, we must first be curious; we must ask questions. You have 1 body and 1 life, don’t waste it being a consumer to industry lies. Knowledge is power and can be the key to your quality of life, to prevention or your healing, and your joy.

Eat2Live2Love’s mission is to educate, support and provide the tools to help men and women around the world fight back. Join us by becoming a Member or signing up for Free Support now. Together we will take back our lives and help heal other lives.

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