What Healing Requires

As much as I’d like to say that it did, suffering and weakness do not go hand in hand. Suffering, more of the time than not, leads to reward, if self sacrificed.

Healing my body has been a lesson in sacrificing what I am today for who I will become tomorrow. Who I will become is undetermined, undefined and yet to be created anywhere other than my own imagination.

We were given the gift of imagination, yet we often use it as a method of self deprecation and fear mongering to our own detriment.

Preparation and patience; parents of the same child: Success. But confuse not preparation with fear, for it’s womb will always be barren. Healing requires from you more than it requires of others. It requires you not give in, not give up, and never allows you to forget what your fighting.

You weren’t given a choice, it isn’t an honor, yet it’s a war you are enlisted for, with no assurance of an end and little hope of victory.

Whether you want to be in the battle field of your life isn’t your choice. The pain you feel, the suffering your war causes to innocent casualties are all around you.

Healing requires that you admit you are at war. Whether you want to be or not, the enemy will come for you and will be here when you wake.

Soldiers have training, have weapons, have preparation. They have skilled leaders to guide them into the battle.

No solider is left behind. Each drill, each lesson is taught for the purpose to make them a one of a kind skilled warrior.

Solider’s sacrifice who they are today for who they will become tomorrow. They sacrifice their time, their energy, their lives to the cause. Even in times of peace, a solider is always a solider. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

And no solider will return home the same. War changes you. Meeting mortality, changes you.

Not often is it spoken of, or perhaps not often enough; that at some point, nearly everyone is afraid of the battle and wishes for nothing more than the comfort they left.

Each mourns in his/her own way for a simpler time, when the cruel realities of fate hadn’t yet touched them. They miss the small joys of laughter, not mingled with pain. More tears have been shed before battle than lives lost, more fears have turned to realities than victories achieved in war.

What is it then, that enables a solider to rise in the morning knowing death lurks just on the other side?

How can they lace their boots and make their beds with precision and steady hands? How do they willing march together, in unison, weapons ready into battle?

Healing requires you to be a solider in a war you did not chose, in a war you did not want; but it is yours now and how you wage the battle is entirely up to you.

The enemy is coming to your door whether you want it or not. This is your war and you must believe you are the one who can win it.

Fear is nothing but our own imagination, once you realize this, you’ll understand how it can no longer control you. Danger is very real, but fear isn’t. Never confuse preparation with fear; like water and vinegar they may look the same at first, but only one will leave a bitter taste and never quench your thirst.

You have the ability to live in the future, to live in your victories instead of your fears. You have the choice to be afraid and do it anyway.

You can choose what happens to you before the inevitable. You can choose how you live your life, and it doesn’t have to be in fear.

Healing requires you to sacrifice who you are today for who you will become tomorrow.

Don’t hesitate to be afraid today if it will make you brave tomorrow.

The more you allow yourself to use your imagination for fear, the smaller your world gets.

You can change your prescriptions, you can change your clothes, where you live, where you work; but if you never change your mind, nothing changes.

That’s not to say that the same struggles aren’t there, its your perception tothe struggle that changes.

Suffering is not weakness nor is patience endurance.

Healing requires a changed mind. It requires you lay down the failings of the past and fail forward into success.

If your suffering is not a sacrifice for who you will become tomorrow then your suffering is meaningless in your healing.

If tomorrow is no better than the day preceding it and today is no better than the one before it, what are you suffering for?

If suffering is inevitable, would you rather suffer on the path to healing?

Your fears of the future can be hopes of the future when you are taking active steps to make it happen.

You are going to suffer anyway, why not endure it with purpose instead of despair?

Healing requires all of you, every day, every moment, every thought, every breath. You must decide your life is worth fighting for by you, for you.

You must endure. You must suffer. You must be patient. But you can not be weak. Stop waiting on healing and decide you are going to fight it with your dying breath.

Remember,those who think they canand those who think they can’tare both usually right.

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