4 ways to Make and KEEP your perfect Morning Ritual

I’ve been thinking a lot about morning rituals and how important they are in setting the tone and energy for the day. I’ve had a lot of changes to my morning routine over the last 6 months — for better and for worse. John and I started working together which has been amazing! I wouldn’t have it any other way, but working together meant some changes to my schedule and my mornings to accommodate both of our schedules. On top of that, this cleanse definitely extended the amount of time it takes to start the day by adding juicing and meal prep to the routine. In a perfect world I would wake up around 7–7:30 and just lay in bed for a while cuddling and enjoying the weight of the comforter. Then I would stretch my way out of bed to a warm cup of hot coffee, to sip on with a sweet treat while catching up on the news and gazing out at a beautiful view. I’d do some yoga or take a nice run or walk or whatever felt right to get my blood pumping before showering up and enjoying a hearty home-made breakfast whilst enjoying the view, again.

But, in the chaos that is real life, and in my particular case the life of a frequent business traveler who wakes up in a different place most Mondays, I can’t get all of that each day. For the average day, just a warm cup of coffee and breakfast with 10 quiet minutes to enjoy my food and the daily Skimm can feel luxurious.

After reading some inspiring words on creating a morning ritual from Sarah over at Zingcollaborative, I spent a few obsessive hours googling morning routines and figured it was time to take control of my mornings again, which will mean taking control of my days! I want to see how much of this prefect morning I can squeeze into a work day — better yet, into the every day. So, as a list maker does, I made a list of what I want in my mornings:

  • warm drink
  • yummy breakfast
  • skimm, news, pocket
  • silent reflection
  • movement (stretch, pushups, 7 min workout)
  • gratitude
  • calm

Prepped and ready for late night and early mourning journaling and expression of gratitude

And then I went for it! I embraced the morning ritual. And I say ritual on purpose. A routine seems boring and obligatory. A ritual feels like a luxurious treat, sacred time. This morning truly did feel like a mini-vacation and it would be wonderful to give myself this gift of a mini-vacation every morning. The ugly truth is that I did get to work later than I prefer, and the whole thing took about 2 hours. But, I was more productive when I got to work. So it will have to be perfected, or something will have to give, but I think I’m going to try it again tomorrow, too. Here’s what the perfect morning ritual looked like:

Important pre-morning prep: (if I hadn’t done this prep the night before it might not have gone so smoothly)

  • cut the sweet potato and coat with oil and salt on the baking sheet so it is ready to just pop in the oven
  • pick out one of the three outfits I packed for this trip to wear- fewer morning decisions :)
  • pack work bag
  • Journal: Brain dump my thoughts in a journal before bed! Really helped to clear and settle my mind. And in a journal, not in my phone’s notes app!
  • Go to bed early! Over 8 hours before the alarm will ding

Here’s what I tried today:

  • Woke (6:20) before my alarm (6:30), so I used the extra time for snuggles and relishing the cozy comforter
  • Journaled- express gratitude and goals and plans and any other brain dump. Set the intention for the day
  • Didn’t look at my phone — no email, facebook, no looking at social media notifications of any kind
  • Gargle salt water for my sore throat
  • Make and drink celery juice
  • Wash juicer
  • 7 min workout app — 1 cycle (would love to do more)
  • Put already prepped sweet potatoes in the oven
  • Get eggs ready to bake
  • Shower
  • 5 minutes meditation (next time I’ll try for more time before the workout)
  • Put eggs in the toaster oven to bake- check on sweet potatoes
  • Get ready for work: dressed and makeup etc
  • Eat breakfast- try not to look at my phone
  • Off to work (8:45) — ready to focus on work!! Amaze balls. At work before 9.

I really did feel like I was on vacation this morning. There was only one moment when I felt flustered (when I couldn’t figure out how to work the crazy key to my Airbnb) but I quickly got over that and moved on. Then at work I was not distracted and was able to really get stuff done. It was great! I will definitely try to do this more!

The 6 steps for Great Day:

1)Go to Bed Early!

  • This allows you to get up rested at the first ding of your alarm without hitting snooze! It’s the number 1 way to improve motivation to complete the routine you worked to create. If you are tired, you’ll have a hard time following through with your routine.

2) Plan Ahead

  • Plan what you’ll do with your morning and what you can do ahead of time. It’s easier to stay committed if you have a schedule and estimated times for each step.
  • Choose what you’ll eat for breakfast, prep any food needed for breakfast or lunch that can be done ahead of time, pick out your outfit, and pack your work bag before bed.
  • That leaves all your time in the morning for IMPORTANT and INSPIRING activities. You don;t have to waste that precious time in the monring. Now, i know you aren;t saving time overall because you still have to complete the tasks the night before. BUT -> if you are anything like me, there is precious little time in the mornings and it is much easier to get those things done in the evening after work.

3) Find Peace and Get Moving

  • The point of this is to connect with your body, get the blood flowing, and let the mind settle.
  • Meditation is really helpful and creates a clear mind to tackle any problems that come your way that day. Sometimes though you don’t have time for that. A lot of times I start with meditation and find myself stretching. For me that’s a perfect mix because it is calming, it quiets the mind, and it is still productive
  • Get the blood flowing! This makes the day so much better and gives you some energy to kick start the day. Stretch, do yoga, check out the 7 min workout app, pump iron at the gym or get outside for a walk or run. It doesn’t have to be long. You just have to do it. Whatever works best for you and fits in your morning is the best option.

4) Eat

  • Breakfast is the most important. It’s good for your adrenals, its good for your body. Its just good.
  • Coffee doesn’t count

What about you? How do you spend your morning? Is it a rush to get out the door or a sacred welcoming and appreciation of each day? Or more likely somewhere in the middle? I’ll update you on my process through the journey and would love to hear any advice on how to achieve the perfect morning!

My Morning Ritual Power Breakfast: Sweet Potato Home Fries and Baked Eggs

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