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Here at Eating Europe, we're proud to announce the launch of our new series of foodie travel guides for Amsterdam , Rome , London and Prague .

Whether you're just in Amsterdam for 24 hours, or are Spending A couple of weeks traveling around the Netherlands, you're safe to want to see, do and eat the best que le city Has to offer. Our Foodie Guide to Amsterdam offers you insider's tips on how to make the MOST of your visit. We've Gathered together our favorite attractions, restaurants, bars and places to stay in Amsterdam, as well as our very own shortlist of not-to-be-missed food and drinks in Holland! And here is a sneak preview ...

Essential Food to Try in the Netherlands

Gouda cheese - The Netherlands' most famous cheese Originally comes from a town called Expired Gouda in the south. There are plenty places in the capital to sample Holland's cheese; head to an outdoor market for Reviews some of the best and freshest. There are Several kinds of Gouda That ranks along the age scale. Look for jonge kaas , qui means clustering young cheese, if you prefer a lightly flavored and creamy cheese; while oude kaas , qui means clustering old mature gold: has a strong taste and a complex grainy, sometimes Almost crystallized texture.

Gouda cheese in the Netherlands is like nothing you've tried at home!

Stroopwafels - If you come across a place serving fresh stroopwafels , do not let the opportunity pass you by! (If you do not, you can still buy a packet of Them in the grocery store.) There's nothing quite like a warm stroopwafel : a sandwich of two "waffles" filled with a thick syrup, gold stroop . Gooey and delicious, they're That proof Amsterdam knows ict sour sweets!

Indonesian Cuisine - Anyone Spending Any Amount of time in Amsterdam shoulds eat at least one meal at an Indonesian restaurant. Indonesia Was ounce colony of the Netherlands, qui brought` the country's spicy food to Europe. Reviews The most common way to enjoy Indonesian food is a rijsttafel (literally translating as "rice table"): lots of small sauce-heavy object meat, vegetable and fish dishes to share. These are eaten with steamed rice. Just make sour you show up with an empty stomach!

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Amsterdam's Best Restaurants

Kas - Kas definitely takes local kitchen to the next level. The coming Has Its own greenhouses growing fresh vegetables and herbs. There is no menu, as the chef prepared new dishes based on the daily harvest. Whatever Does not come from the greenhouse, De Kas orders from local farmers.

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 
+31 (0) 20 462 4562
 Open: lunch Mon - Fri 12 noon - 2 pm; dinner Mon - Sat 6.30 pm - 10 pm

Kas is Housed in a greenhouse from sources which it MOST icts of fresh produce

Wilde Zwijnen - All ingredients used in the kitchen at Wilde Zwijnen are grown or bred in the Netherlands, and the dishes are beautifully presented. If you-have trouble choosing one dish, order a surprise menu to taste the full potential of this restaurant. The service is great, too!

Javaplein 23 
+31 (0) 20 463 3043
 Open: daily 12 noon - 10.15 pm

Café De Ceuvel - Café De Ceuvel is the epitome of minimalism, sustainability and recycling. The surroundings of the cafe are filled with pieces of old boats, wooden planks and metal sheets That serves as recycled pieces of furniture. Ceuvel's policy to support the innovation eco-food movement and AIMS for a zero-waste kitchen.

Korte Papaverweg 4 
+31 (0) 20 229 6210
 Open: Tue - Thu 10 am - 1 am; Fri 10 am - 3 am; Sat and Sun 11 am - 3 am

Tempo Doeloe - Things can get a little frenetic at Indonesian restaurant Tempo Doeloe, that's all profit share of charm icts. Do book a table, and do expect to wait DESPITE HAVING done so. You'll be Rewarded for your patience the rijsttafel (lots of small, spicy dishes to share, served with rice) is great quality and the atmosphere is fun too. Just make sour you-have a glass of water at hand - the chilies They Use are fiercely hot and not for the faint-hearted! You have been warned ...

Utrechtsestraat 75 
+31 (0) 20 625 6718
Open: Mon - Sat 6-11.30 pm

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Our Favorite Things to Do

Walk around (or boat through!) The canals - The horseshoe shape of the canals, Expanding out from the Central Station like ripples, are perfect for walking around. To Avoid getting lost, keep Dam Square as your points of reference - Most of the sights are Within a small radius of this focal point. An Especially charming area, Slightly to the west of center and good for shopping, is the Negen Straatjes (Nine Little Streets gold). You know you're there if you've run across eclectic shops selling clothes, jewelry, and home furnishings (not to mention the famous toothbrush shop!). Alternatively, see Amsterdam from the canals: hop on a canal tour near the Central Station to experience a single viewpoint on the city. Tip! Our Jordaan Food & Canals Tour includes a one-hour tour of the canals by boat!

Get on your bike! - Spend just a minute-even in Amsterdam and you'll Realize That everyone and everything is on a bike. Bikes with babies, dogs with bikes, bikes with couples (bike-watching is fun Reviews another activity in Amsterdam). The infrastructure supports all That thesis pedaling riders - the bike stop lights and bike lanes - means Amsterdam is a city to be Explored on two wheels. Get comfortable on your bike in the Vondelpark, the biggest open space in central Amsterdam. And once you're steady and confident, join the Dutch biking around town. But beware: the Dutch are very serious about biking, so pay careful to everyone around you and do not be offended if you hear the ding of a bell bike!

On yer bike!

Take in a museum - If you're a museum lover, Then Amsterdam is the city for you. With more than 50 museums to choose from, you'll be safe to find something to follow your interests. The Rijksmuseum and the Rembrandt exhibit House Reviews some of the best collections by the master artists working in the Dutch Golden Age. At the top of Many lists are the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of modern art. Plus, there are quirky Several museums around town, Including Those Devoted to bags, cats, sex and - of course - cannabis!

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Top Picks for Amsterdam Hotels

Amstel Botel - Located on a wide vintage boat near the NDSM Wharf in the Amsterdam Noord area, you really do get the best of both worlds at the Amstel Botel: stay in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Amsterdam while Being Located right by Central Station. Free ferry shuttle you from the dock near the Botel to Central Station in minutes, and from there it's an easy walk to anywhere in Amsterdam. Back at the Botel, the surrounding NDSM Wharf is home to a burgeoning cultural stage, and the Botel offers a wide deck for Those Who want to take in the sun and views of the city.

NDSM Plein 3 
+31 (0) 20 626 4247
Price: € 93 per night

Ever wanted to stay on a house boat? How about a giant hotel boat?

Canal House - This stylish, boutique hotel in the Jordaan is Among Amsterdam's Most luxurious properties. The brick frontage and elegant porch overlooking the Keizersgracht canal give it a traditional look, which Gives way to a glamorous, contemporary and stylish interior. It has 23 spacious rooms in a Range of five different kinds. The combination of glamorous decor and classic style runs Throughout, with an impressive bar and Great Room, and traditional Dutch artwork lining the walls. The large garden is a feature uncommon for houses in Amsterdam Canal and is a hidden gem - a relaxing and beautiful attraction to stay at this exclusive hotel Jordaan.

Keizersgracht 148-152 
+31 (0) 20 622 5182
Price: Double rooms ranks from € 285- € 700 DEPENDING ON room types

Bicycle Hotel - From the first time you see the classic Dutch bicycle hanging outside the Bicycle Hotel, you know you-have come to stay somewhere delightfully different. Once inside, you discover its true That signing ict is environmentally friendly attitude Towards guest accommodation and the great neighborhood it Resides In. Through solar panels and an impressive recycling program, the hotel marriages to strike the perfect balance entre profit and planet, and the surrounding neighborhood De Pijp will help make your stay memorable with icts blend of hip and multicultural influences. Budget-friendly bike rentals are disponible at the hotel, saving you both time and money.

Van Ostadestraat 123 
+31 (0) 20 679 3452
Price: € 30 to € 120 DEPENDING on the season and the type of room

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