This is why your business needs a Business Adviser

Running a business can be very delicate. However, since a business can fail even before starting, hence, starting a business is considered even more delicate. Business promoters are usually quick to think that they have all the required knowledge to start off business operations (even with limited planning). Anyways, straight to the main talk…

“how do business advisers affect the outcome of a business?”

The impact of good business advisers on business outcomes cannot be overemphasized. Among the several benefits and impacts left behind by business advisers, I have summarized a few of them below for the reader to have a more ‘zoomed in’ understanding on the subject matter.

Business advisers spot the gaps easily. This is not difficult to comprehend. They have worked with several similar businesses. They spend most of their time understanding the entire business space and comprehending the key drivers of business failures. With lots of insights stuck in their heads, they easily spot wrong moves without putting a pen on paper.

Also, business advisers have a wide spectrum of business knowledge; from finance, strategy, human resource, operations (process optimization), technological interventions (to optimize operations), marketing and sales strategies, risk management to mention a few. This wide knowledge spectrum gives them a more holistic view of the businesses they advise and how all the individual components of the business perfectly fits in together.

And most essentially, because business advisers have worked with a number of businesses across industries, they know how to leverage business partnerships across industries to create the utmost value for the business. This is very crucial for a business that wants to improve its economies of scale and value proposition via thorough research and consulting output delivered through engaging a business adviser.

Business advisers (management consultants, business management consultants, business developers etc) remain an undisputed relevant tool in bringing the scattered pieces together. Of course, depending on how scattered the pieces are, their services do come at a cost.

Elias is a transforming man looking to build stuff that will last forever. He delights in exploring the key elements that enables starting businesses scale flexibly. He has 3years+ consulting experience with concept-phase startups and SMEs across South-west Nigeria

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