Smart Home Applications To Enhance Living Conditions

The concept of smart homes is no longer a distant dream — it is finally becoming a reality with many large and small companies out there creating innovative technology and devices home owners to monitor and control various useful applications in their day to day life .

With the increased usage of Wi-Fi, as well as the introduction of low power BLE, ZigBee and Z-Wave communication protocols,it will soon be a case where many devices in our homes will be connected to our home network and will be accessible directly or even remotely from anywhere in the world.

From increased home security measures and energy management to access control and assisted living — there are countless applications that have been introduced to make our homes smart. What is even better is that steps are being taken to make our homes even smarter by integrating various applications and intelligence to create convenient and innovative solutions. These applications can be integrated and controlled by one device, enabling users to monitor and control their homes via smart devices from anywhere in the world.

Imagine that you are on holiday in another country, and a family member is locked out of your home and has forgotten his/her key. You can now unlock the door from your smart phone with a click of a button . This is just one out of the many ways that the Internet of Things will help improve our lives.

Another example is where motion sensors used in security systems or occupancy sensors are integrated with a home’s HVAC system and light control, which will enable the heating and lights to switch off when no one is present. These energy management systems will bring about immense energy and cost savings.Smart homes are also useful for assisted living and home care–
sensors can be used to monitor our loved ones at home, and ensure that they are doing well. In addition, smart sensors can
also be used to detect heat levels, gas leaks or the presence of smoke or fire, which will help protect your home and loved ones.

Proximity Beacons can also be used for many smart home applications. Proximity Beacons are Bluetooth low-energy smart devices which can be used to sense micro location. Knowing the location can translate to triggering actions such as opening the garage door when you pull in to your drive way without having to press a button, or to switch-on your water kettle, or your thermostat when you are still in your driveway. EKOOR Proximity Beacons are powered from solar or indoor light so you don’t have to worry about the batteries may be forever.

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