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In the time past most platforms only exist offline but nowadays they can exist both offline and online, and this online existence was made possible by technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and recently, Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology came with a different idea and that is decentralization of platforms.


ANYONE is an innovative blockchain platform owing to the way it was created. In simple terms, ANYONE is driven by its use case thus building a worldwide platform where various services will be rendered with the aid of blockchain technology. In addition to this, since the case of listing on exchanges is always a herculean task for most projects, ANYONE tends to offer exchange services as one of its various services as well as other services like games, investments, dividends and more business models which ANYONE foundation is constantly working on. From this, one can agree with the Introduction that is; blockchain can be used anywhere in the world where it offers cryptocurrency thus serving a better alternative for use in both online and offline investments.

Like rightly stated, ANYONE is driven by its use case and in order to ensure the platform remains valuable at all times, the team sets plans to make sure the price of its token remains stable, thus the importance of a continuous business model the foundation is working on.


Basically, ANYONE offers a universal scale service that facilitates the processes of merging dividends, games, exchanges, and investments. In fact, the top-notch initiators of this project intend to include more plans of action to the indelible services it offers. Let me take you on a discourse about these services.

ANYONE Exchange

Crypto coins are produced massively daily, however, in spite of the fact that very few of them can be enlisted on the exchange as a result of the staggering expense involved in publicizing them which is not an easy luxury for crypto coin developers. The irony of the whole thing is that, following the huge number of crypto coin accessible, the costs will always go down and will keep on doing as such as proprietors attempt to sell them when they are in great benefit. Interestingly, in a bid to keep up the value of its crypto coin, ANYONE ensures it guarantees minimal listing expenditure and would like to impact others to do likewise to maintain the balance.

ANYONE Dividend

Anyone Dividend is basically a unique digital coin feature fashioned to remit dividends on a daily basis, to investors who stake a minimum of 100,000 ANY on the dividend pool. The investors get a portion of the revenue made by the project on daily basis and this amount is transferred to each investors dashboard on daily basis. The amount earned on dividend can be withdrawn by the investor on Bitcoin. The minimum daily withdrawal is $1,000 but the team decided to give opportunity to low income earners to make their withdrawal on Wednesday where the minimum withdrawal was reduced to $10.

ANYONE investment

Basically, ANYONE investment infrastructure is leveraging on referral marketing via the instrumentality of procuring the ANYONE crypto coin which is called ANY or the web-based game coin called GAMECHIP. Investors could stake the ANY coin or the Chip for a minimum period of 100 days and receive ANY coin daily.


ANYONE in furtherance of the effort to seek proficiency has conditioned it own special wallet with the ability to store coins for holders of the coin. ANYONE infrastructure with its innovative effort has specially structured a WEB and ANDROID WALLET while the IOS wallet is a work in process.


ANYONE has particularly made available a strategic solution to some of the lingering challenges bedeviling the innovative blockchain ecosystem. The cardinal focus of the ANYONE infrastructure is all about stability as prevalent with its customary currency that will make ANYONE a blessing to blockchain and make it more efficient.



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