Why do corporations keep lying to me?

A week ago I was taking the train to New York City, when during the trip I noticed that the conductor was stepping a bit hard on the brakes. As soon as it stopped, an Amtrak employee then ran through the car towards the back of the train. Something had clearly gone wrong.

The train getting delayed is so common that there would be no need to note of it except that a few minutes into this unplanned stop they made an announcement that “they were performing a routine inspection of the train”. As if routine inspections typically took place in the middle of nowhere between stations.

Shortly after my train ride, I ordered a bike part from Amazon. Needing the part by a given date I paid extra for one day delivery. Then spent the entirety of the next day waiting for the part to show up. It never did.

Yet what is worse than that is that Amazon’s tracking page continued to insist both that the package would be delivered by 8pm on Friday, and that it was “on time”. Hilariously on Saturday it continued to say the same thing. Fortunately UPS’s package tracking site was actually honest and let me know that the part was not being delivered anytime soon, and that I had to run to a physical store to get what I needed.

I assume that there Amtrak had a good reason to call for an emergency inspection of their train. I assume that Amazon did their best to get my package to me on time. Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. What I do not get is why both of these companies insisted on making things worse by lying to me.

Amtrak is constantly delayed and stopping the train in the middle of nowhere because they don’t have priority on the track. I never would have thought twice about that stop except for the fact that Amtrak was clearly trying to cover something up. Their dishonesty gave me reason to worry.

Amazon insisting that their package was on time didn’t help it show up any quicker. What it did do was give me wrong information that prevented me from knowing in a timely manner that I was going to need to run to the store. With more accurate information from Amazon, I would not have had to do so much last minute.

Why can’t anyone just be honest with me?

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