7 Sex Podcasts Because Black Sex Lives Matter Too

This past summer I took a sabbatical from my sex podcast “The Girth,” and while researching topics to start back up with I found several lists of sex podcasts that people should check out on sites like Marie Claire, Cosmo, YourTango, and so many more. Want to know the one thing that was missing from every list whether five or fifteen were named? Podcasts hosted by people of color. To my surprise not even Angela Yee’s Lip Service or Amber Rose’s Loveline was named on any of these lists. How is the host of a nationally syndicated morning show and someone who is tabloid heaven not making these lists?

Some might argue, well Amber Rose’s show is new but the most recent list to come out via Self Magazine also excluded it and it was written by a person of color. They named 2 Dope Queens when its a stand-up comedy podcast that from time to time brings up sex & relationships, but definitely isn’t a sex podcast. Stop being lazy and picking whatever is in the top 10 on iTunes and actually do some research when doing these lists.

There is no excuse with being left out of the sex conversation when the idea of what is sexually appealing today is more than modeled after our natural figures, see 3 out of 5 in the Kardashian/Jenner clan. We sure aren’t the ones strewing the phrase “once you go black, you never go back” because its where we’ve always been.

So I decided to make my own list of podcasts you should be listening to since the struggle to find shows by us and for us as it pertains to sex get no love.

  1. Sex With Strangers

The title seems to be a little misleading since Cii Marqui, Jaxon and Juice seems to be really good friends and talk candidly with raw and entertaining dialogue. From their episode titles like Pedestal Pussy, Loose Booty Man, and HoeFax, you already know its lit. The perfect 2 girls, 1 guy scenario with Jaxon representing the HBCU graduate male (I don’t know whether he went to one or not) but that’s the vibe he gives off so what’s not to love.

2. The Sexually Liberated Woman

Of all the shows on this list, its the most poised and sophisticated. Host Ev’Yan Whitney shares her journey of sexual exploration in such a calming manner that your ears might orgasm. She touches on pleasure, evolving sexually and is a huge advocate of self love. She encourages you to celebrate sexuality on your own terms through sex experiments that aren’t solely activated by being touched by another being.

3. You Did What?!

Curious conversations about love and sex. A sophistiratchet show hosted by Eric Fleming & friends that ranges from intellectual to ratchet perspectives. Touching on both gay and straight relations and sometimes letting non-blacks in on the conversation. Fun and informative.

4. Room For Relations

Hosted by Eboni Harris and friends and they discuss everything from the first date to the last orgasm. They start off the show breaking down a sex article and you never know where that will lead. Entertaining perspective from around-the-way men and women every episode.

5. Inner Hoe Uprising

Representing from the queer perspective, Shanika and Sam share personal sex stories and of those that write in and lend advice. They also touch on pop culture topics related to sex scandals and dating disasters. Make it your mission to be their hoe of the week.

6. Cake and Sausage

Pop culture love break downs. If you’re not glued to social media so can’t keep up with who is dating who or who is divorcing who, they give you the tea. Then they pose a dating, sex or relationship question and read takes from their group members and offering up their opinions. The most bubbly and upbeat podcast of the list.

7. The Savage Life

If you want the salaciousness that is South Beach, Miami on Memorial Day weekend in podcast form, host Raquel Savage has you covered. The bombshell beauty will probably have most men and some women touching themselves as she talks about everything from squirting, fetishes, and deep throating to breaking down specifics on how to blow your partner’s mind in the bedroom. The show is hard to find in that its bundled underneath their network’s soundcloud and can’t be found anywhere else on the net, but trust once you find the episodes from all 3 seasons you’ll be in sex talk bliss.

Honorable mention: Bagged. They haven’t posted an episode in a while so I’m hoping they are simply taking a break like I did and will be back soon but you’ll want to go back and listen to old episodes regardless. The intro music alone will have you laughing before they get into any dating or sex talk. Its the perfect “broken penis” perspective. If you like Issa Rae’s #Insecure, El Jefe and Sage represent for Awkward Black Men so well they might bring them in style in bigger ways than Barack Obama brought light-skinned men back.

These are just a few of the podcasts I enjoy that represent the very diverse and colorful voices as it pertains to urban sex and relationships. If you like them too be sure to spread the love by telling a friend and giving a 5-star review on iTunes so that the world can know black sex lives matter too!

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