I’m just happy today. I don’t know why actually. Maybe because it’s Friday. We started the day as usual, we reflected on the food for thought, everyone shared his/her views as it concerns “How to Improve Solution Speed”. It was educative. Followed by game called Sentence Formation. The first person starts a sentence based on question asked and assumed to be the person in the context of the question. The second person supplies the second word, the third person follows suit, making a full speech. It goes on till the end of speech. Good game to test your response with suitable word, not to break the chain of the speech. Brain storming.

It was really a day of algorithms. code optimization, etc. Quite tough, and the progress of the class is…well good. Actually we were given time to work on given exercises on algorithm and work out solutions. Coding all the way.

We had an outstanding personality today in our midst, Director of Engineering and Technology(Nadayar Enegesi). It was really an interactive class with him, telling us what Andela really is to make sure our mindset is really in the right direction and answering our questions to make sure we understand what we are into. He’s just good, like good.

The day was ended with assignment as usual. #stayingHopful.

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