Students at Evergreen State College strike back against Professor Bret Weinstein, who questioned the school’s request that white people vacate campus during a day-long event for people of color. They are calling him out as an alleged “racist” and demanding he resign.

Professor Weinstein is an “intellectual progressive” who has supported the causes of students of color in the past. However, he now thinks they go too far to demand segregation from white students in what is otherwise a campus of inclusivity.

The day-long event in question is an even hosted by Evergreen State College called the “Day of Absence and Day of Presence.” It consists of a day of off-campus programming for students of color (the “day of absence”) while white students attend on-campus workshops. It’s then followed by a “day of presence” during which all students get together and share their experience of the event.

Weinstein isn’t questioning the event itself which is long standing at Evergreen. Rather he is questioning the new prerogative of demanding white students, staff and faculty, leave the campus for the day’s activities.

The decision comes following complaints from the POC Greeners, a group of non-white students who voiced concern following the election of Donald Trump. They are claiming that Trump’s win makes them feel unsafe.

Yes, they feel unsafe living in the giant safe space that is America, where a democratically elected leader is a fun-loving orange celebrity, where their ideas go unchallenged, their quality of life is better than 95% of the rest of the world, and they enjoy technological luxuries that others still don’t know exist.

Perhaps they’d feel better living in one of those peaceful progressive Islamic countries they keep telling us about. Yes, they are that stupid.

Professor Weinstein sent out a polite and reasonable Email voicing his objection to which these students subsequently formed a mob and crashed one of his lectures, check it out (but just watch the beginning, the rest will just fill you with seething rage that people like these liberal students are allowed to own a drivers license, vote, and consume valuable clean air):

The students weren’t even willing to engage in dialogue. They instead came with demands and were only interested in getting their way.

Does this look familiar to anyone? If you are a parent you’d know this is exactly how your toddler sounds when want a cookie and don’t get it, right before throwing a tantrum on par with a child who has disruptive mood disregulation disorder.

Thanks to the quick thinking of other students, they called campus police, who showed up to ensure that violence wouldn’t break out and to keep professor Weinstein safe. They were of course blocked by protesters as they attempted to enter the lecture hall. Gotta hand it to the police for not going through them, but rather finding another way in. If I was the cop, I would have just told a racist joke or just reminded them of how Donald Trump is president. The students would have melted before me, cowering in the corner in fear for their lives requiring months of counseling, coloring books and ice cream.

Evergreen Students Have Gone Too Far.

Fortunately, violence didn’t break out, but the bullying didn’t stop there. Per professor Weinstein in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the students then went to the office of Dr. George Bridges, campus president with a list of demands. Dr. Bridges is alleged to have complied because according to Weinstein, the students “have said that if he does not accept their demands there will be violence.”

These actions by the students are nothing short of acts akin to domestic terrorism. The only difference between the two is in the scale of influence. Domestic terrorism influences national policy, whereas these students are only trying to influence school policy at their respective university. Otherwise they are indistinguishable. The students are threatening violence against a civilian population with the intent to intimidate, coerce, or influence policy.

If we don’t call them out on this now, then wait until they get into the real world and try these tactics. Either they will get eaten alive, or they will become domestic terrorists.

Now any other year, this might seem strange. However, with what has been happening at other colleges, such as Berkeley, this just seems like another run-of-the-mill story about the intolerance and bigotry of the liberal Left.

Matter of fact, segregation is what’s trending. University of Michigan has already designated official safe spaces. Harvard wants to have segregated graduation ceremonies. Moraine Valley Community College offers black only courses. The list goes on…

What’s appalling is that nothing is getting done about it.

So if you have a child who is college age or soon will be, consider a different educational path. There are many conservative colleges to choose from. Then there are trade schools. Don’t under estimate the benefit of learning a trade, just ask Mike Rowe. Trust me, I know plumbers and electricians who make 50+ dollars an hour.