This Month in Forgotten News: Major Pedophile Ring Busted

This month in forgotten news, a large scale international pedophile ring was busted where 870 suspected pedophiles have been arrested across the world. At least 259 sexually abused children have been identified in the wake of major underground online global pedophilia network, per the FBI and European authorities.

The report comes courtesy of the and other smaller non-mainstream websites.

Was any of this reported on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, LA Times, Washington Times, NY Times, etc.? Nope. Too busy covering the Trump Russia collusion hoax. Heck, even during the Manchester Arena bombing CNN and MSNBC I noticed would keep switching back to their coverage on the outlandish conspiracy theory. As if it wasn’t already obvious they were trying to brainwash us into thinking there is some merit to the conspiracy theory. Still waiting on that evidence by the way.

Fox News may have been the only network to cover it through and through, but I don’t even see this story on Fox News.

This story goes back to May 5th where The FBI announced the arrests following the sentencing of Steven Chase, founder of the so-called Playpen pedophilia network, to 30 years in prison in a Florida court.

The methods of law enforcement are sketchy, as they hack into the networks and work undercover as criminals, uploading malware onto their computers before busting them. This raises concerns over civil liberties and the overall legality concerning the manner in which the FBI operates.

But how else do you get results? How else does one track these monsters on the dark web where they hide behind anonymity, misdirection and encryption codes?

People may not be okay with the methods, but they are even less okay with the victimization of children.

And what is more appalling, is how this goes largely unreported. There has long been speculation about how powerful officials are involved in these sorts of crime rings.

Bill Clinton for example is known to have visited Epstein’s Orgy Island some say at least 26 times, and looks the worse for wear. But that could be because of his wife, the rape enabling succubus with whom he spawned the Clintonstein monster known Chelsea. Still Hillary is just as guilty because she at the very least covers up for these scandals.

Just recently, in her speech at Wellesley College she did it again. Between her coughing fits and chiding of everyone but herself for her failure in the 2016 election and as a human being, she talked about fake media in which she mentioned pizzagate. Now we might not have any evidence about that, but don’t think for a minute Hillary isn’t still covering for something while pushing other false narratives like the Right-Wing Conspiracy or the Trump-Russia Collusion story. This woman is so bad, the devil worships her.

Even outside the Clinton Gang, we don’t hear any other politicians talking about it either. Schumer, Waters, Pelosi, and every other congressman I hate, has never said a word about these horrific crime rings and global networks that plague our civilization. Are they all in on it too? It scares me to even research it because you find stories like this one, (Trigger Warning: YIKES!).

I doubt that will change anytime soon, but if it did, I would bet my neighbors life (Rich you still owe me 40 bucks), that Trump would get blamed for all of it, and mainstream media wouldn’t stop covering it even long after he bites the dust.