Yale History Professor is Right About America, but Wrong About Trump

I came across this gem today on Twitter. Naturally I made some assumptions, and it turns out they were true, have a look:

Let’s dissect this. If I don’t include a portion of the video below, then it’s because I mostly agree with the premise. Anyway onto my response:

Would Americans give up their freedom? Sure. If you think about American life today, how many Americans do we really think are concerned about freedom?

Well considering there are still Republicans and conservatives who want limited government and less regulation, I’d say quite a few. My concern comes from everyone else, particularly the Left who appear to want the opposite.

The warning signs came clear in 2016.

Where have you been Snyder? I saw them clear back in the mid 1990’s and probably sooner if I was older. Matter of fact, reading history I see this going clear back to the earlier part of the 20th century. Let me guess, you only saw them when your candidate lost. So far my assumptions about this video are coming true.

We had a candidate from a major American political party who never held public office, wouldn’t release his taxes, he’s had a campaign that was being run essentially from a foreign country, Russia…

So, what if he never held public office, do people need to be groomed for that first? We’ve had celebrities before and it wasn’t a big deal. Turns out you don’t need a degree in political science to do it.

What about the taxes, that’s not a requirement is it? And did we already forget Rachel Maddow’s epic failure to expose Trump when she released his tax returns and found he had in fact, paid more than his democratic opponents?

Lastly, can we just stop with the Russia conspiracy. Just because you say it’s true doesn’t make it true. In the mean time we are all dying of old age waiting for the evidence. You’d think it would be abundant too considering the Obama administration allowed the intelligence community to illegally monitor Trump’s campaign.

…who said he would contest the results of democratic elections,

Remind me, who ACTUALLY contested the results of the democratic election? Besides people contest results all the time. Its why we have an appeals court. Does that mean our judicial system is on the brink of collapse?

Again, I would be more concerned with the fact that democrats are actually contesting the results of the election. That would be a huge red flag to any impartial observer.

…who has had a series of brushes with the law, whose heroes are tyrants past and present all around the world.

Are we talking about Trump or Obama or Clinton? I’m confused? What brushes with the law has Trump had? If you compare them to the track record of his political opponents, he looks like a saint.

Now I know he may be friendly to some tyrants, and that is a little iffy. Thus far however, he has not backed their actions, but quite the opposite. Foreign affairs is a tricky business. I rather he approach it with humility and finesse instead of plunging us into another war.

We never had anything like that…it’s not normal.

Again, where has this guy been the last 30 odd years? Was he cryogenically frozen back in 1982 and then revived last year? The Obama administration was involved in dozens of scandals, and promised to roll back federal overreach following the Bush-era, only to do the opposite. Government expansion has been accelerating since Ronald Regan, and only now do we have a president who is repealing executive orders and relegating authority back to the states.

We had a candidate who interacted with his own electorate at his rallies in a way with recalls the fascist style of the 1930's.

Again, going back, this can be used to broadly describe every candidate since Bill Clinton. My memory is a little hazy prior to that, but it likely goes back further I’m sure.

If one looks at the authoritarian regimes that are present around the world now, most of the time, the person who’s in charge came to power through… free elections, and then changes the system from within.

So, does this mean free elections are bad now? I mean how else is someone supposed to become the President in America? What do you propose Snyder?

As for changing things from within, well, that only happens every time we have a new president and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if the system is corrupt, then changes would be a positive thing. By the way, didn’t Obama run on that premise, change? Again, its like you’ve been cryogenically frozen.

A potential tyrant will go after the legislature or will go after the judges, will go after the press, will pick these things off one by one.

Ah, potential tyrant. I almost missed it. So he admits Trump may not in fact become tyrannical. Good to know.

So, our potential tyrant is going after the legislature, and the judges, and the press, picking them off. All three groups he mentioned are also potentially corrupt. The legislature is not doing its job, and wasting our countries resources while expanding their own power and affluence at the expense of the people. The judges have already assumed power over legislation which wasn’t outlined in the constitution, so they are guilty of overreach. As for the press? Who started the whole “fake news” trend? Which party practically has a monopoly on media? Which candidate did WikiLeaks expose as having paid off members of the media? Which president, actually went after journalists? Which president did more damage to our institution of free press coverage than any other president in history? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Trump.

Also, the video uses pics of three people Trump has fired, while making that last statement about picking “things off.” It’s important to note, all three acted outside the purview of their assigned job. The president therefore, had not only the executive authority but right to fire each one of them. It would be concerning if he didn’t because people in government get away with too much already.

The way that tyranny will work always at the beginning is to overwhelm you, to make you feel alone, to make you feel like there’s nothing that you can do.

Trump did the opposite, and empowered so many people to go out and vote, and vote they did. Also a new study shows that Trump voters were alienated by the cultural myopia of Democrats. The Left with their hateful rhetoric essentially pushed voters away and into the arms of the Right. So, unless Trump is somehow making us feel alone and powerless now, the statement fails to measure up to the reality of our current situation.

Someone is in office who is not interest in the interest of America or the freedom of Americans.

Again, we are going to need some proof. Are there laws that Trump is looking to pass that rob us of our rights? All he has done was deregulate with his repeal of executive orders and other such regulatory policies. As far as I’m concerned, deregulation gives power back to Americans.

In Conclusion

Basically, Timothy Snyder is just trying to create more propaganda to support the cause of the Left to impeach Trump and overthrow the system. The Left is not interested in freedom; they want to outlaw speech they deem hateful (anything that contradicts their worldview). They want to ban guns and our right to self-defense. They want to eliminate our right to privacy by allowing the Patriot Act to go unchecked. They also want to deprive us of due process by allowing people to be convicted (or impeached) on mere accusations alone or by being arbitrarily put on lists like the no fly list that deprives us of our rights. They actually want to stifle free press. They had no problem when Obama went after conservative media and tried to silence journalists by suing or jailing them. They also want to eliminate our right to freely practice our religion, but only if you are Christian. Islam apparently gets a free pass, while Christians aren’t even given the right to free association within their business practices. Now of course they are looking to repeal the 501cc status of Christian churches, while organizations like the NFL can retain theirs.

I could go on, suffice to say every amendment apart from the third amendment in the Bill of Rights, is under attack by the Left.

Beyond the US Constitution, our very way of life is also under attack from the Left. They hate capitalism, and they hate conservatism. They want socialism, and a world without values that aren’t purely secular in nature. Only people that swear allegiance to the all-powerful government and are for wealth redistribution are tolerated by the Left.

Sounds identical to Marxism doesn’t it?

Timothy Snyder should be scared as hell about that and not about a president who is innocent of at least half the things of which he is accused.