Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults

Ramola D
Ramola D
Jul 22 · 44 min read
The FBI is Requested and Advised to Take My Name Off All their Lists, Investigative & NonInvestigative, Delink me from all Non-Consensual Field Weapons Test Directed-Energy Bio-Behavioral Research projects and other “Classified to Conceal Crime” research projects currently run by any of the ABC agencies or military branches or private contractors they have casually, it appears, from all evidence, handed me into, particularly the CIA and the US Air Force, without consent, without cause, and purely for reason of private profit, based on lies, false or falsified records, and fabrications, and Welcome to let me know Immediately that they have done so. Current lunacy on my street and assaults on my person with “Anti-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons” suggests they haven’t, yet.

First Step: Target for Parallel Construction

Second Step: Have FBI Informants in the Neighborhood Jumping to Conclusions Primarily to Call People of Integrity Pedos

David Mok at Linked In
Small reminder of a very large and very nasty takedown program run in America since the Dark Ages of Hoover, COINTELPRO, and the deterioration of corrupt cops into common criminals
Sample FMJ Order, Author, FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee: | Excerpt, Murderous Corruption of FBI and Federal Magistrate Court Judges
Geral’s quite historic first podcast with me, audio-sabotaged by the FBI, recovered, transcribed by Jeff Godwin:
Geral Sosbee’s second historic podcast on the FBI and their flagrant practice of crime, with special mention of Parallel Construction replete with its bevy of unlawful provocations, entrapments, harassments:
Geral Sosbee’s third profoundly important podcast, reporting how extremely he has been persecuted his entire life for speaking out, the unlawful subjection by FBI retaliation to extreme poverty, social ostracism, blacklisting, employment sabotage, COINTELPRO persecution, as well as surveillance abuse with EMF/Neurotech weaponry:
The one historic podcast with both Geral Sosbee, FBI whistleblower and Barbara Hartwell, CIA whistleblower, which FBI and CIA both reacted to with massive retaliatory scalar/radar/microwave attacks for days on yours truly, which Marc Delantre, author of The Gladio Code recorded as a double Gladio spike on his oracular server:
My post on Twitter re. Marc’s Gladio Code Double Spike following that extreme scalar attack when I had to cower on couch with shielding over me, much like I was obliged to after sending the Memorandum to Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance in January 2017, yet was pummelled for days and nights with continuous, malicious, vindictive, outrageous scalar radar attacks — imagine a continuous, invasive flickering of nerves, skin cells, skull with prickles, pulses, shots, relentless, unremitting, attacking every organ — which can penetrate any shielding and assault at the level of skin, in addition to outright pulse shots at head from all directions around my home — from parked satellites/drones, and neighbors’ houses, parked cars. Driving my daughter to school, the Covert Comms placed around me (as is the wont of these Stealth Agents) included a jeep with a spare wheel cover on back which proclaimed, “Papa’s Ride.” No idea why the Pope would worry about Report #106. But a lot of someones out there in Stealth Terrain were seriously freaked after the publication of this podcast. Do spy agencies have a right to attack a journalist? No, and they know it, hence the Dirt Ops attack in Stealth Mode with Stealth Assault Weapons — which their planted Alt-Media and Mainstream Media both work assiduously to ignore, thereby giving the public the impression those reporting these crimes are “paranoid and delusional.” #MediaTreason on a terrifying scale. And note, calling these weapons “Non Lethal” is a deadly joke: they are profoundly inhumane, degrading, intrusive, invasive, unethical, and Should-Be-Banned.

Third Step: Name Every Woman You Want Hit With Military EMF Weapons a Prostitute (FBI Directive Numero Uno)

Pine Cone Utopia Interview with Ramola D, February 2017
The historic Memo to Trump, signed by people inside USA and out:
Deceitful ZioNazi Ruse-and-Stratagem-now-Official-Policy at the Masonic Dept of Injustice and Masonic/Satanic Dept of Offense, all ABCs included, and primary means of protecting from discovery as Pure Crime the deadly and unlawful, illegal, illegitimate, inhumane, unethical, savage and barbaric Stealth Weapon attacks on citizens by Fusion Center/DOD contractors in concert with the entrenching public-private Electronic Grid Infrastructure built by an Interlinked Industry of Deceit whose funding needs to be fully yanked.

#FBILies to Protect Unlawful Assault with Stealth EMF Weapons by Defense & Fusion Center Contractors

Still in my left arm. Radiologists and surgeons reading this are welcome to contact me and help prove and remove this outrage. This is a sign of Trafficking. Obviously Non-Consensual: no-one consents to be sharpshot with a microchip on a public beach.
Nausset, Cape Cod. Gets crowded and was, the day I was hit, with witnesses — friends of our family also vacationing with us — to notice the livid laceration.

Crazy Crazy Crazy! The Mental Health Fraud

Mantra of the FBI, local LEOs, DOD, CIA, and all their informants and proxies in the neighborhood schooled to shout Crazy! while using High-Powered Microwave Pulse Weapons, Sonic Weapons, Skin-Crawling Scalar Weapons, Subdural-Heat Producing Plasma and Nanoweapons, Remote Seat-Vibrating Sexual-Assault-Through-Vibrations ELF weapons et al on Americans

Let’s Find Out Who’s Been Running the Boston FBI, Shall We? Then Check His Ties With a Mega Defense Contractor Testing Anti-Personnel EMF Weapons in the Boston Area

Fore River Shipyards in Quincy, MA

General Dynamics Closed its Quincy Shipyard in 1985 but Retained Quincy Ties: From Ship-Building in 1885 to Sitting-Duck Millimeter Wave Weapon Testing on Americans in 2013-present

Lisi at Linked In
Richard DesLauriers was Special Agent in Charge in Boston in April 2013, at the time of the Boston Bombing.
Robert Mueller was Directer of the FBI at the time of the Boston Bombing. Taking up his post Sep 4, 2001, 5 days before 9/11, he departed Sep 4, 2013, 5 months after the Boston Bombing. “In 1989 he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh.”
Photo from Christopher Bollyn’s video on 9/11: Solving 9/11

Was this the planned background to set up Non-Lethal Weapons Field Tests for US Air Force/General Dynamics in this area?

1994 MOU, DOD and DOJ, Stealth Weapon Rollout
Note that the FBI has teamed up with Defense to use military weapons on Americans, calling it Law Enforcement — but will not say what kind of weapons these are; “advanced technology” and “technology required for law enforcement” doesn’t cut it. Required according to who? How many journalists reported on these weapons? How many media outlets discussed publicly the pros and cons of “non-lethals” to attack human organs remotely and in particular psychotronic weapons using radio frequencies, ELFs, sonics to induce rage, fear, sleep, insomnia, aphasia, ataxia, dementia or anything else in humans? How many Americans know the Department of Justice is studying and using neurosurveillance technologies to scan and image brains, influence and modify brains? (Watch Dr. James Giordiano’s video lectures on Youtube — a few published here: Public Disclosure on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today)
James Comey took over from Bob Mueller as Director FBI in September 2013. This is June 2013 when Obama nominated him. “Comey served as deputy attorney general under the George W. Bush administration from December 2003 until August 2005, running the day-to-day operations of the Department of Justice.” Note that while the AG is supposedly above the Director, FBI, both Mueller and Comey served as DAGs first — setting in place relationships and power-brokerings to ease their tenure and hold later as Director, FBI? “The Director has answered directly to the attorney general since the 1920s and by law is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.” Of course, also interesting is the fact that Comey stepped away from the DOJ after his stint as DAG and went to work for Lockheed Martin, major Defense contractor for several years before returning as Director, FBI. Was he just oiling that revolving door so benefit flowed both ways? And it turns out, he was:
Screenshot from Seamus Bruner’s Compromised: How Money and Politcs Drive FBI Corruption. After 9/11, did 100s of 1000s get sic’d with secret FISA warrants and FBI Investigations and Non-Investigations (but massive Neighborhood Smearing, Co-Opting, Community Policing, Blacklisting, Life-Sabotaging, Career-Sabotaging) in preparation for the High-Kickback DOJ/DOD DEW Non Lethal Weapons Testing operations nationwide coming down the pike?

Boston FBI Tactic Post Boston Marathon Bombing: Manic Focus on Terror and Terrorists, and start calling anyone you want DISAPPEARED from public discourse a Terrorist.

FBI Web Site Blather promoting and inflating their unlawful information collection on people who are in no way, shape, or form terrorists. But suggesting to all that their JTTF assessments and counterterrorism databases are desperately important in “threat trend analyses” for America.
JTTFs, note, are separate and apart from Fusion Centers: each of these megalith coalitions has been involved in “threat assessment” and targeting of innocent Americans for 2 decades now, since 9/11. In 2013, the Boston FBI rationalized the need for threat assessments and acquiring foreign intelligence and sharing information freely across agencies in the absence of local intelligence. In other words, reserving the right to target pretty much anyone, for no reason whatsoever, and grab all their emails, medical records, phone records, private data from the NSA at will — for use, as they pleased, since they felt (and state above “assessment may be carried out…when the information… does not rise to a level that would allow the opening of a predicated investigation”) they could threat-assess anyone for NO REASON, on NO INTELLIGENCE.

But let’s Look at Who the Boston FBI, Headed by Vincent Lisi, Called a “Terrorist” and Opened Threat Assessments and Investigations On, Shall We

Anyone else think this is a national scandal? Or an international scandal, showing up the ineptitude and idiocy of the Boston FBI and Commonwealth Fusion Center (DHS) to the entire world? I do.

FISA Abuse, FMJ Abuse, Patriot Act Criminality

Annotated image (text mine, taken from the Background section) from Trapped in a Black Box: Growing Terrorism Watchlisting in Everyday Policing, April 2016 report by ACLU

Planes, Drones, Helicopters Over Art Classes, Astronomy Classes, Fibonacci Science & Math and Creative Writing Classes

AFRL Blather, while casually implanting Americans non-consensually and tracking them and radar-flicking them with spy planes, predator drones, ground vehicles, and nutcases next door with tracking devices
Joseph DeLappe’s art: Cowardly Predator Drone/
An all-white, quite small quadcopter drone of this style buzzed low with a loud mosquito buzz and lifted off from my yard in Quincy, Mass. last summer, too quick for a photo, particularly when I was sitting outside with a book, not a camera or cell phone. I get the feeling the thugs playing games with high tech are simply using targets like toys, for random target practice with every gruesome weapon they have invented. DARPA documents that drones are being developed/used to deliver drugs and nanotech — was that what that drone was doing?
Joseph DeLappe’s art: Cowardly Global Hawk Drone. Note that the bulging head of this drone is filled with a massive SATCOM antenna.
AFRL’s Distributed Common Ground System apparently uses this spy plane, heard freely in the skies above Quincy along with drones and small planes, all part of Full Spectrum Dominance: ISR is being used inside America, on Americans, and it involves the use of Radar Weapons on American bodies (I am the reporting source for this information, as American body being radar-flicked-probed-assaulted). Top Secret/No FORN and other interdicting labels become fully meaningless when such weapons are used non-consensually, treasonously on Americans inside America — while also pointing up the horror of these weapons, which should be banned for all humanity: Is this “Leaking Classified Info”? Hold the US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson responsible for that. How DARE the US Air Force use “Non Lethal Weapons” on Americans? More disclosure forthcoming, and some here:
The Air Force Research Lab uses Drones, Satellites, and Spy Planes to communicate with ground vehicles in its quest to pinpoint with accuracy and send Pencil Radar Hits to specific body parts and specific radio implants and sensors buried in the bodies of its non-consensual test subjects AKA stand-out, accomplished Americans whom the fraudulent FBI/DHS/Nomination of Domestic Terrorists mechanism hands over for pulverizing, persecution, and extermination disguised as “Surveillance Tracking.”

FOIA Requests to the FBI Met With Refusal to Provide Information

The FBI, the US Air Force, and the Practice of Deception

James Comey, Vincent Lisi, Harold Shaw: Skullduggery with a Smile

FISA Abuse, FISA Fraud, and An Excuse by Freemasons & Satanists in Power in FBI, CIA, NSA & Local Governments to Take Out Influential Americans Calling Them Troublemakers, Terrorists, Extremists

Press Release, Harold Shaw Named
Harold Shaw
Joseph Bonavolonta
Fighting Terrorism by targeting innocent Americans: an FBI tradition I hope Joseph Bonavolonta will have the sense to break

Ramola D

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Ramola D

Writer/Journalist/Educator/Activist — runs the news/media/blog site The Everyday Concerned Citizen/ Podcasts at Ramola D Reports/Youtube.

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