Adventures in Japan Week One

Public Masturbation, a Legacy

Once upon a time a person from Canada (me) adventures to Japan. Herein lie the sordid details. A quest for adventure, mochi, and sexy host clubs.

Day one(ish); On a plane to Japan. Food is surprising edible. Free wine. I drink the wine. Watch Disney film. Land in Japan. Somehow I end up at my Hostel. Great success.

Day 2; Im in Asakusa. Big temples, magnificent etc. Didn’t take any pictures. Drink many things from vending machines, acquire bounty of convenience store food. Beauty of conbini snacks not paled by juxtaposition of magnificent ancient temples. Why? Conbini food is fucking glorious.Discover 17Ice vending machine, fuck yes.

Day 3; Discover I don’t have the personality for roomsharing. Roommate eating tempura and soda, crinklecrinkleslurpslurp. Silently seethe with rage. Next;vocally rage. There is a dining hall for a reason.

Day 4ish; 80% sure guy in bunk below is masturbating+definitely knows I am in the room/might know i’m awake. Its around 2pm.Perhaps this is his kink. Conflicted feelings on this situation. The masturbator is Japanese. Food crinkler is American.

Day Catcafe; Go to Catcafe. Rather; go to woman’s apartment and she has a lot of cats and some drinks in a fridge. The cats are strays and rescues, so 800yen (approx $8) well spent. Not getting a latte though. Very nice lady. very nice cats.

Day CatCafe#2; More Cafe. Fancy ass cats. Persian, Abyssinian, Dwarf, etc. Cuteness overload. I become retarded. I draw cats, cats ignore me for an hour and play with eachother. 800yen well spent. Could have bought a latte, owner and cats had similar attitude “Ignore foreigner until gone policy”? Super clean and stylish place. Not even mad

Day Something Something Akihabara; Go with hostel humans to Akihabara. A lot of rain. Discover Japanese have strange telepathic ability for avoiding Umbrella on Face Violence. I quickly absorb the Umbrella Ability. Some of the others do not.Gomenasai.If you like toys with tits, crane games, and mouth-breathing, consider Akihabara.

Other highlights; A japanese man calls me Buta. I don’t know why, but I know what it means. Note to self; learn how to cuss someone out in Japanese. Izakaya in Asakusa;drinking+foods=great. Best if you are a Japanese business man, still great alone. 10/10 recommend.

Next post; Art, Yamanashi, and more public maturbation.

Stay tuned.