Network Outages Causing Major Headaches February #Ouchages

Ouch·age — the pain and expense that comes with a network outage.

Example: “This #Ouchage has caused over a million dollars in lost revenues.”

Network outages hurt customers, employees and the company itself. For real-time coverage and discussion of these outages as they occur, follow Ecessa using the hashtag #Ouchage. With businesses losing between $84,000 and $108,000 (US) every hour of IT system downtime, we believe it’s time to put an end to outages and say hello to Never Down technology.

Here’s a collection of February 2015 #Ouchages.

Copper Thieves on the Loose — Theft Causes #Ouchage for Company, Thousands of Customers

Foothills Broadband experienced a wide service outage after fiber optic lines were damaged, apparently by copper thieves. Engineering Construction Coordinator John Blair said that in the past year, they have been hit by copper thieves 30 to 40 times.

“Every time we get close to them, they go from not only being a thief, but they start vandalizing which affects more of our customers beyond that site,” Blair said.

Despite all of the issues, officials with Foothills Broadband are confident the copper thieves will be caught. “We will catch you,” Blair said. “You can mark it down. We will catch you, and you will be prosecuted.”

Dallas Facility #Ouchage

A Dallas facility was left without internet services after a construction crew accidentally cut through a fiber line. The line was the only path connecting the facility to their network.

“Presently there is only 1 path headed into the data center with the secondary, redundant path at 95% completion is set to be ready within a few weeks. Unfortunately this outage happened a few weeks too early to put the secondary, redundant path to test.”

#Ouchage without a Heart — Phone Outage Temporarily Takes Out Flower Shop Business

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” said florist Steve Papoulakos of Vogue Flowers & Gifts in Richmond, VA. On their biggest day of the year, phone services went out for an hour and a half. “We expect about 1,000 orders,” said Steve on the busy nature of the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Comcast released a statement Thursday afternoon. “We’ve reached out to Mr. Papoulakos to apologize personally,” the statement read, “and to let him know that we’re actively investigating the issue and will take actions to prevent this from happening again.”

Over 20,000 Left without Service in Kona

A fiber cable was severed by a transporter, leaving 20,000 people without phone services, 5,500 without internet customers, 911 services disabled, and created additional problems for wireless carriers.

New York City’s Upper West Side Goes Off the Grid

An aging copper infrastructure has led to a massive Upper West Side outage that has lasted three weeks. Verizon is encouraging customers experiencing the effects of the outage to switch to a wireless replacement.

Some Verizon customers on the Upper West Side are in the third week of a phone and internet outage that has businesses and residents wondering how a chunk of Manhattan can simply be knocked off the grid.

“I heard the entire east side of Columbus Avenue between 87th Street and 89th Street has had a Verizon cable problem,” said Andrew Albert, executive director of the West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. “Council member Helen Rosenthal’s offices, as well as Goddard-Riverside [Community Center], have been without phone service for several days.”

More on the #Ouchage from Ars Technica:

The outage in the Upper West Side began on February 3, resident George Malko told Ars. “Countless calls produce conflicting and flimsy explanations,” he wrote in an e-mail Saturday. “A scheduled service call to us in particular was canceled by Verizon. Return to service was first promised for February 17. Then February 23. Now it’s February 28.”

Vandalism Blamed for Cut Fiber Optic Line in Northern Arizona

Internet, cell phone services, credit card services, ATMs, and law enforcement databases all went down due late February due to a cut cable in a riverbed that is hard to access by vehicle. Services are expected to be restored shortly.

“We are working as fast as we can,” Centurylink spokesman Alex Juarez said. “Customers are the priority at this point.” Police are investigating but did not immediately have any suspect or possible motive.

Additional Source: Internet Outages Affect Northern Arizona

Originally published at on February 27, 2015.

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