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Jun 21, 2018 · 7 min read

Patch 10.0 introduces Echo VR as the new hub for both Echo Arena and Echo Combat, plus the start of Echo Combat Open Beta Weekends!

Patch Highlights

Echo Arena is now Echo VR

The Echo Arena app has been replaced with the all-encompassing Echo VR app. Launch the Echo VR app from Oculus Home and you will load into the same lobby you’ve come to know and love. From the Echo VR lobby, you will be able to access Echo Arena as well as Echo Combat when available. Ready At Dawn developers will now be rocking golden nameplates so be on the lookout for Echo Arena/Combat developers jumping in to the Open Beta weekend!

Echo Combat Open Beta 1

In Echo Combat you will join a team of three that will work together to either deliver the payload or defend your base. Arm yourself with a variety of Weapons, Tactical Modifications, and Ordnances to defeat the enemy and take the win.

This will be the first Open Beta weekend for Echo Combat, starting June 21st at 10:30 am PDT/ 5:30 pm UTC and ending June 24th at 10:00 am PDT / 5:00 pm UTC. Before the Open Beta starts servers will be down at 9:30 am PDT / 4:30 pm UTC. Start Echo Combat matches by using the same Matchmaking Terminals in the lobby already used for Echo Arena.

Here’s a list of what to expect in Open Beta 1:

  • Weapons: Pulsar, Nova, Comet
  • Ordnances: Detonator
  • Tactical Modifications: Repair Matrix, Threat Scanner
  • You will NOT be able to play in parties or private matches
  • You will NOT be able to spectate Combat matches
  • You will NOT be able to switch equipment hands yet (this feature is still in-progress)
  • Skill based match making will be enabled

Lobby Updates and Echo Combat Training Area

Check out the expanded lobby map in the matchmaking area to see all the new additions. All players will now have access to the Echo Combat Training Area which will remain permanently open. Here’s a list of some of the features available in this new area:

  • The Body Swap Terminal allows you to switch between Arena and Combat chassis.
  • Equipment Terminals let you try out Tactical Modifications, Ordnances, and Weapons.
  • The Shooting Gallery is filled with moving targets to help you hone your skills.

General Updates

These updates are here to bring you a better playing experience across all of Echo VR. Now you can grab, boost, and only play 3v3s in public matches (except LoneGecko we kept it 2v2 for you).

  • Fixed an issue with grabbing deep into geo that caused the player not successfully grab when expected to
  • Fixed an issue where two handed grabs could throw you off another player
  • Fixed an issue where boosting into a wall would retain the boost velocity
  • Boosting to 5.0 is more consistent now
  • No more 2v2 or 1v1 quick matches

Known Issues

Echo Combat is still under development and there are a few things we haven’t quite worked out yet, but believe us the solutions to some of these issues are coming soon™ to a hotfix patch near you.

  • Player’s bodies are able to enter level geometry which has a few adverse effects. They become a smaller target for others (this is made worse when they quickly crawl along the floor). They are able to stick their hand through objects to blind fire.
  • Shooting with the comet when holding onto the Payload will cause damage to the shooter.
  • The skirmish area in the Echo Combat Training Area does not work. Soon you will be able to challenge others in the lobby (think the Brawler Room but with guns!)
  • The ability to switch Weapons/Tac-Mod between hands is still being worked on. Please be patient lefties!
  • Stats and progression are not tracked.
  • There are no parties or private matches available for Echo Combat.
  • Player’s VOIP volume levels will raise and lower whenever the announcer VO is playing for both Arena and Combat.
  • Private match nameplates overlap the Matchmaking Terminal’s main menu when a player joins or leaves your party.
  • Players hear the SFX for themselves being grabbed when a different nearby player is grabbed.
  • Players can pass through the opposing team’s launch tube barriers in arena.
  • The arena disc outline is blue.
  • The level number for arena players on both teams are white.

Echo Combat Closed Beta to Open Beta Updates

A huge thank you to all the community members who provided some great feedback during the Closed Beta. We have been working hard to address many of the issues that surfaced during that time.

Echo Combat General Changes

Pretty new things!

  • New weapon models for the Comet and Nova.
  • New animations for the Tac Mods.

Echo Combat Balance Changes

  • Slightly improved Boost/Brake/Micro-Thruster strength for Combat chassis.
  • Detonator explosion (AoE) now does line-of-sight checking for damage but can now hit any body part instead of just the head.
  • Comet AoE damage now does line-of-sight checking for damage but can now hit any body part instead of just the head.
  • Comet AoE damage/radius now scales based on the charge of the shot.
  • The laser sight on the comet has been changed to green, resulting in improved visibility
  • Comet projectile speed is now two discrete speeds based on fully charged or not (it used to be gradated based on the weapon’s charge). This will provide more learn-able firing behavior.
  • The sensor wave will now expose each player for a constant duration, instead of varying based on player distance from the activator (which resulted in nearby players being constantly exposed while distant players were barely seen). This also allows players to better react to being exposed by knowing how long they will be shown for.
  • Ordnance regeneration is no longer constant. It will only begin once the previous ordnance has been used/destroyed. This will prevent players from stockpiling ordnance.
  • Team spawn points now have barriers that prevent the enemy team from entering and spawn camping.

Player Shield/Health value changes

  • Shield amount slightly decreased (115->112)
  • Health amount slightly increased (1->7) and added to UI.

Damage Overflow rule change

  • If the damage dealt is greater than double the current shield amount, it will overflow into the health.
  • Developer note: The previous behavior would always deal all damage to the shield (unless the shield was already at 0), meaning that an additional source of damage was required to eliminate the single health point that remains after depleting the shield. The intent of this model was to ensure that players operating a high shield had an opportunity to react to sudden situation changes/burst damage. Through testing we found that this was crucial given the challenging situational awareness equation players are presented with in a 6DoF 360 VR shooter. However, we also discovered that this made high-damage weapons dissatisfying when dealing with low-shield targets, resulting in much of these weapons’ damage being “wasted” on a small amount of shield. Hopefully, this new model will allow us to keep the original intent of allowing players that have a full shield to know they will have time to react to any threat while also ensuring that players that have a significantly damaged shield can be appropriately finished off by powerful attacks.
  • Minor damage adjustments to weapons to account for these changes.

Echo Combat Bug Fixes

  • Ordnances will no longer occasionally be invisible to the player who created it, and will always be in the players hand when they initially grab them.
  • Ordnances can now be shot and will explode. Notably, attackers can now destroy Detonators left on the Payload instead of being forced to eat the damage.
  • Grabbing onto dynamic objects (e.g. the Payload and the elevator in the cargo bay) is now easier to do. Your hand doesn’t need to be exactly on the surface: pushing somewhat through the surface will still result in a grab.
  • Comet AoE damage should now be triggered when striking non-player dynamic objects (notably, the Payload).
  • Nova damage “blast” should work more reliably now (the Nova fires both pellets and a short-range volumetric “blast”). Hopefully this will result in more consistent behavior and close-range effectiveness.
  • Practice targets should now properly report damage from volumetric sources, such as Detonator explosions, Comet AoE, and Nova blast.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed volumetric damage sources — Detonator explosions, Comet AoE, and Nova blast — to damage players on the same team and in the lobby.
  • Fixed jitters when riding the payload — it should be a much smoother ride now.
  • Two handed grab has been disabled for Ordnances; this should prevent bugs and exploits from occurring.
  • Fixed an issue where you could shoot backwards into a wall and keep gaining speed even though you weren’t moving (if you slid off the wall you could get unpredictably launched).

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Lone Echo and Echo VR are Ready At Dawn's line up of virtual reality games featuring zero-gravity movement & full body presence.

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