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Diwali evokes such fond feelings in us. The festival of lights — a time for family, friends and food. To make sure that the Pandemic does not cast its dark shadows on this lovely festival, we have come up with 5 cool things you can do to make sure your employees feel your love and care.

- A decoration contest: Ask your employees to decorate their workspace at home. Share tips on how they can do it. Maybe have a colour scheme. Ask them to send in pictures and ask the other employees to vote the best workspace.

- Host a virtual lunch: Pick a simple menu with flexible and easy to make recipes. On the day of the lunch, all your employees join in virtually with their plates heaped with food (ideally, they have atleast one item from the menu you sent them). This way, they will feel like they are sharing a meal literally and virtually. …

The pandemic has changed how we view everything — from schooling to travelling, from celebrations to entertainment. Is it then any wonder that gifting as we know it has also undergone a paradigm shift?

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Digital Gifting has seen a tremendous growth in the past couple of months and it will only amplyfy in the near future.

Let’s look at 3 top reasons as to why Digital Gifting makes sense:

Simple and Efficient:
Mobile phones have become an integral part of the shopping experience. …

Echojoy Digital Gift Card
Echojoy Digital Gift Card

We are proud to present the Echojoy Digital Gift Cards that can be ordered and received via WhatsApp.

With the lockdown, we started looking at ways to help people continue celebrating life and hit upon the gifting via WhatsApp idea… because after all, the giving and receiving of gifts amongst loved ones is such a Joy!

A host of media covered this awesome news and we are feeling mighty kicked about it. Do check out some of the stories and order something special for someone you love — Echojoy Digital Gift Cards!

Publication: Business World

Headline: Echojoy Launches India’s First WhatsApp Based Multi-Brand Digital Gift…

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