Where Randomized Dynamic Fees Structures & Concentrated redistribution create Scenarios

Echoes - ERC20
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Echoes introduce a captivating world where dynamic fee structures and concentrated redistribution intersect to create unique scenarios. Within this realm, we have Modes and Events working together to shape different experiences for token holders.

Modes — Dynamic Fees Structures 🌫

We have three distinctive Modes: Harmony, Amplify, and Growth. In Harmony Mode, default settings ensure a balanced distribution of rewards. Amplify Mode amplifies rewards to incentivize certain actions, and Growth Mode stimulates buying activities.

Harmony Mode:

In Harmony Mode, default settings establish a balanced distribution

  • Reflection: 2%
  • Liquidity Pool (LP): 1%
  • Burn: 1%
  • Treasury: 1%

Duration: Active when other Modes are not in play, ensuring stability and consistency.

Amplify Mode:

During Amplify Mode, the rewards amplify to incentivize certain actions

  • Buy: Reflection 4% — Treasury 1%
  • Sell: Reflection 5% — Burn 4% — Treasury 1%

Duration: Active for a duration of 45 minutes, empowering participants with increased rewards.

Growth Mode:

In Growth Mode, the focus is on stimulating buying activities

  • Buy: Treasury 1%
  • Sell: Treasury 1% — Reflection 2% — LP 2%

Duration: Active for a duration of 45 minutes, encouraging growth and active participation.

Events — Concentrated redistribution ⚡️

Complementing the Modes are the fascinating Events, which add an element of unpredictability and opportunity to the Echoes ecosystem. Let’s uncover the details of these unique Events:

α Alpha: Random Distribution (minimum supply required)

  • Picks 50% of total holders randomly, granting them exclusive benefits.

β Beta: Duration-Based Reward (minimum supply required):

  • Rewards holders with the longest duration of holding, acknowledging their loyalty.

γ Gamma: Selective Random Distribution (minimum supply required)

  • Randomly selects 5% to 10% of total holders, offering them exciting rewards.

δ Delta: Elite Selection (Top 200)

  • Randomly selects 20 holders from the top 200, rewarding their commitment.

ε Epsilon: Recent Buyers’ Reward (minimum supply required)

  • Recognizes the last 50 buyers, appreciating their engagement and support.

ζ zêta: Whale-Free Reward (minimum supply required)

  • Rewards all holders except the top 100, ensuring an inclusive distribution.

Genesis: Special LGE event

A special event dedicated to the participants of the raise, providing tailored reflections exclusively to them.

Duration for modes & Events: Varies for each event, with durations ranging from 15 to 40 minutes, ensuring excitement and fairness for all participants. Timer will be adapted to volume and on-chain data.


The combination of Modes and Events generates a range of exciting scenarios, creating a dynamic and rewarding journey within the Echoes ecosystem. Together, they shape the landscape of decentralized finance, providing our community with diverse opportunities for wealth and collective growth.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and unveil the possibilities that Echoes brings. Join us on this extraordinary adventure!



Echoes - ERC20

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