The Essence of Global Grub Local

As a food lover, I love trying new recipes at home, love trying different cuisines and different restaurants. I am constantly searching for inspiration whether it be online or on television for recipe ideas or for places to eat out locally.

The whole campaign idea stemmed from this curiosity which never seems to die down and I thought it would be a great idea to share my interesting finds whether it be recipes, good local produce or lovely places to eat out in the hope of encouraging others to do the same forming a continuous source of inspiration that would benefit all food lovers.

I will also be sharing pictures of food cooked at home inspired by some of the recipes shared and I hope to provide some useful tips as to what worked for me which might prove useful to anyone wanting to try the same recipe. I would love to encourage my fellow food lovers to do the same (please tag using #globalgrublocal) hoping to make this campaign a lovely day to day exchange of brilliant ideas revolving around the culinary delights the world has to offer!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @GlobalGrubLocal #GlobalGrubLocal

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