Daily topic hunt #1 — Blockchain technology and it’s power.

What is blockchain technology, how does it work with AI, what services use it today and what’s up for tomorrow?

While doing digital it’s important to be ahead of time to know what you should prepare for. But that day of “every job is going to be a computer” is coming a lot sooner than you think. There are no real limitations anymore, it all depends on the creator’s creativity, access and technology acceptance.

One of the most exciting things happening right now is blockchain technology. Without being to technical about it, blockchain technology is a system to make sure that digital world tells the truth. Think about like a ledger where all digital information is passed through, reviewed and then sent out again. It is the difference between a decentralized and a centralized system.

With blockchain technology your online bank statement would not only be the information from your bank but the whole world digital system.

If you’re familiar to ERP system you know how a centralized system could improve the productivity, satisfaction e.t.c in just one company. Imagine this system for the whole world where information works for everybody and not only the few (richest).

We’re building a connected world where the end game is total connectivity from you to your toaster. Blockchain technology could be the answer how to actually do it.


What if you blockchained all transport fleets into one ordering system?

The customer wants a ride service & experience and not an app. A blockchain system would enable a system picking the best ride according to your preferences without you having to think about it. All needed information already exist to order you a ride, your personal information from Facebook, Bank account from bank app, location from your device and so on. App is going to be nothing more than back-end stuff and we’re already seeing the decline of the mobile app market.

Facebook, Apple, Google and so on works on ways to change what we define as apps and this will be the start of it and here is where the fun starts. A blockchain ride system will e actually be a easy system without any requirements of direct interactions.

The next step is to actually put in artificial intelligence (AI) to deal with us humans. I won’t be only clicking on you want but actually having a conversation with a computer and give out complex tasks. The technology is coming and a few is already there.

Here is two of my favorite examples on how AI is coming and using our information technology to make things easier and more productive.

https://hirepeter.com — AI-business lawyer that is able to make sure that legal documents is signed, stored and process according to regulatory requirements. The task of getting a signed NDA from 50 people went from 80 hours to 1 minute.

https://x.ai/ Amy. An AI-personal assistant that is able to find and schedule meetings with your friends, clients and customers without you have to do it. AI can do this because it knows your calendar and smart enough to ask and understand the responders replies. When the date is set it sends out the calendar invite to everyone and maybe even books the meeting room (if connected to this system).

These are two of the more promising consumer ready AI-services today and shows how fast a job by a human gets redundant.

Without saying too much if your job is to handle humans through a screen you’re soon going to be out of a job. Having a fancy degree won’t save you when a AI will do your job infinite faster, better and always.

The entry of blockchain technology and AI will speed up this process tenfold. AI just needs information to function and when it has that it’s unstoppable.

One smart engineer have the power to replace thousands of jobs with a click of a button.

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