The new trend of network sourcing

A paradigm shift on how professionals use their network to find help

The last year or two I’ve seen a trend within my social media network is now reaching normality. The trend is what I call network sourcing, or how professionals ask it’s network on Facebook, twitter & Linkedin for help in finding someone for gigs & longer engagements.

My friend Petter Wallbergs request for a photographer

These tasks, gigs or even jobs come in all sizes & requirements.

But let’s dig deeper into what this actually means.

1. It’s all about trust

After some research in my network that used “network sourcing” a clear pattern where apparent.

They trusted their network to deliver.

“I made my network and it is a extension of me. My contacts is my friends and I trust them to give me good recommendations.”

People ask their network because they are sure they won’t get screwed by their friends. In the same way as a recommender your word is your bond.

2. It’s reverse googling

In the last 10 years Google things have been the standard to find any type of help. If you wanted a photographer you just type it in, checked out some websites, recommendation and then finally contacting some for pricing.

But with network sourcing the photographers are delivered on a golden platter. It’s up to you to handle the selection progress.

3. No middle man

People that use it’s network to find help does not pay their network for it (yet). Effective immediately the middle man have been removed from the equation.

What will the future of network sourcing be?

More & more people will start using network sourcing to help them in their daily lives. It will keep getting bigger & become a big driver of network society.

This trend is getting picked up by Facebook and Linkedin as they both enable payment between parties.

My tip: Start asking your network for help and they will answer. If you think you network can’t help you -> Time to get a bigger network.

// Leon Eckervall — Business designer @SAP