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Over the past few years, we’ve shared our perspective on the reinvention of the complex, physical industries central to our daily lives via the application of modern disruptive technologies. Now, we’re adding to that through the voices and personalities of those on the Eclipse team through our new podcast, “Industrial Evolution: The Digital Transformation of Essential Industries.”

Through the podcast, we aim to help deep-tech founders become more successful in their startup journey, by sharing industry perspectives and the lessons we’ve learned building and scaling companies. Produced by Eclipse Ventures, each episode will feature conversations with exceptional leaders in the…

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By Justin Butler

Today we’re announcing two new investments: SafelyYou and Rune Labs. Both partnerships are based on a core thesis at Eclipse — Healthcare Infrastructure — an investment focus based on the insight that science and technology move faster than their requisite infrastructure.

We’ve seen this dynamic hold true across many industries, such as artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and transportation. Healthcare is no exception. For example, during the recent COVID pandemic, vaccines were developed long before the manufacturing and supply chain were able to deliver them to clinics around the globe.

This same dynamic is unfolding broadly across our healthcare…

Insights from Episode 2 of the Industrial Evolution podcast

The promises of artificial intelligence will be realized only through new kinds of hardware, new software, and industry leaders who are bold enough to assert their place in history. Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras Systems, is just such a person, and he joined Eclipse Ventures Partner Kushagra Vaid for our next episode of the Industrial Evolution podcast.

To give you a taste of their conversation, here’s a snippet of Andrew’s comments that captured our own hopes for AI so well that we made it the episode’s introduction:

“I think over the next 10 or 15 years, we’re going…

Aidan Madigan-Curtis and Jay Knafel
Aidan and Jay are uniquely suited to make Eclipse even stronger and better able to serve founders at critical moments in their journey to build extraordinary companies.

By Lior Susan

From my experience as an entrepreneur, I know the tremendous impact of partnering with the right investor. So, when I started out as a venture capitalist, I knew what types of skills and experiences would be most valuable to founders. I also knew that the people I was most excited to partner with wouldn’t take a back seat, so we built Eclipse to provide high-involvement operational support to our portfolio companies.

Additionally, we believed that the real economy was at a tipping point: Industrial sectors were about to be transformed through digital technology, and the traditional venture…

Icon of battery charged beyond 100 percent

The digital era has increased our use of consumer devices and electric vehicles. And as we rely more and more on these products in our everyday lives, we need them to last longer. But since the introduction of li-ion batteries 30 years ago, annual gains in how much energy they can store have averaged less than five percent when you look across the industry.

We haven’t seen significant-enough advances in the form or performance of these critical energy sources to keep pace with our growing needs — which go well beyond the phones and laptops we carry around everywhere. …

To be truly free again, we need to re-invent how we make — everything

By Lior Susan

America’s infrastructure has eroded. We can no longer make our own goods, including the basic building blocks and assemblies that comprise our cars, our computers, our buildings and our roads. We’ve become noncompetitive, vulnerable, slow and fragmented. We’ve not only become noncompetitive in our ability to supply our own basic goods and infrastructure, we’ve taken ourselves out the race. It’s time for a reboot, and as we approach the Fourth of July, now is the perfect time to reflect on the level of our dependence on international production and off-shored supply chains.

Fortunately, we’re beginning to see…

Automated assembly line in the form of Microfactories
A digital-age assembly line, courtesy of the company Bright Machines, which sets out on the path to go public today.

By Lior Susan

Manufacturing accounts for more than one-tenth of total output in the United States. In dollars, that’s more than $2.3 trillion, according to the most recent study by the National Association of Manufacturers.

An industry this critical to our country cannot continue to operate as it has in the past. The modernization of manufacturing — for the sake of resilience against disrupting forces in the macro environment, and ensuring national economic security — is a priority from the White House on down. The American Jobs Plan proposed by President Biden calls for a $300 billion investment to revitalize…

Cellares Co-Founders Alex Pesch, Fabian Gerlinghaus and Omar Kurdi standing next to the Cell Shuttle.

By Justin Butler

Today Cellares announced their $82 million Series B financing, co-led by Decheng Capital and Eclipse Ventures. This capital will enable Cellares to scale their industry-leading capabilities in cell-therapy manufacturing, and bring the promise of cell therapies to millions of patients around the world.

After first partnering with Cellares in early 2019 by leading their Series A, the company has made tremendous progress on every front — building an amazing team, achieving technical progress beyond what they originally set out to do, and garnering significant commercial interest.

Since building our initial thesis on cell-therapy manufacturing in early 2018…

By Lior Susan

I am excited to announce the closing of Eclipse Fund IV, a $500 million venture capital fund to continue early-stage investing in the digital transformation of our essential industries. This includes bedrock sectors of our economy such as manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, transportation, construction and healthcare, as well as more modern industries like advance compute, cyber-defense, and energy and electrification.

This brings our total assets under management to almost $2 billion. Given our commitment to high involvement in the companies we partner with, we kept Fund IV the same size as our last fund. The recent…

(Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash)

By Matt Mulvey

Remember the days when shopping meant walking into your favorite store and being greeted by the familiar face of someone who knew your tastes, your routine, and maybe even a little about your social life?

Just because we do so much of our shopping online today doesn’t mean we can’t still have that high-touch experience. What if, while sweating it out on your Peloton with trainer Olivia Amato, your go-to retailer recommends the same top she’s wearing right on your screen? Or, while reading an article about Fernando Tatís Jr. …

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