Apr 28 · 33 min read
Image is licensed for use by Can Stock Photo, copyright Kamchatka


Thanks to Helon Habila
Nnedi Okorafor by Cheetah Witch — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


Thanks to Redentor Constantino
Thanks to Rajat Chaudhuri
Thanks to Emin Madi


Thanks to DM Cameron


Thanks to Marian Womack
Thanks to Loranne Vella
Thanks to Evie Gaughan

North America

By Source, Fair use
Thanks to Jennifer Dance
Courtesy John KixMiller: Protectors of the Wood

South America

Thanks to World Weaver Press
Thanks to Nancy Burke
Thanks to Edward Stanton

The Poles

Courtesy Midge Raymond
Thanks to Ilija Trojanow

Is it on a Map?

Reading The Other Side of the Mountain on a summer day


Written by

Mary Woodbury, curator at Dragonfly.eco: exploring world ecofiction. Writes fiction under pen name Clara Hume.

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