Bad Boy Song lyrics (Sahoo)

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Jan 3 · 1 min read

Baby Hold Your Breath
Tere Paas Jo Aaun Toh
Hosh Uda Doonga Sach Mein
Baby Wait A Sec
Tujhe Nahi Hai Pata
Hai Kitna Maza Mere Touch Mein
Touch Mein

I Know You Want It
I Know You, Know You
Know You Need It, Need It
Teri Aankho Mein Likha Hai Sab Kuchh
Baby I Can Read It, Read It

Thoda Seedha Saadha Hu Main
Thoda Sa Hoon Mad Bro
Baby I’m A Bad Boy
Can You Be My Bad Girl

Baby I Am A Bad Boy
Can You Be My Bad Girl

High, Rehta Baby High
I STAY FLY, Fly Jaise Helicopter
Yo I’m So Sick Koyi Bulaao Doctor Ko
Sab Cash No Cheques
Main Chup Rahu Swag Kare Mera Flex
Mood Mein Aa Gaya Baby Toh
Tere Boyfriend Ke Aage Laga Dunga Ex

Boy I’m Down With It, Down With It
Tune Le Liya Ye Dil
Tujhse Doori Banaye Rakhna
Boy Ab Ho Gaya Mushqil


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