Back 2 Health with Karen

It’s not easy choosing a personal trainer. We have a fantastic team with a diverse skill set and each week we’re profiling a team member to help with your choice. If you need any help establishing what your fitness goals should be and who is best placed to support you or would like more information about Eco Gym, please get in touch HERE

Karen Simpson is a qualified sports massage therapist and personal trainer and a former county and national badminton player who offers 1–1 sessions in our Brighton gym. She is a member of both the Sports Massage Association and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council and has received glowing testimonials from the elite atheletes she treated in the run up to the 2012 olympic games!

Karen says;

“As your one to one personal trainer, I bring that depth and breadth of experience of how to train smart, how to recuperate from injury and how to motivate you to succeed in our work together.

I will assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer a tailored programme of exercise and instruction towards helping you achieve your fitness goals. I will offer guidance, feedback and education to give you re-assurance that you are performing exercise with the correct technique and without risk of injury. Most importantly, I will encourage and motivate you to challenge yourself keeping you progressing in every session so you come back for more!”

You can find more information about Karen and check out her olympic wall at or contact her on 07909 447714.

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