Amazon Detail Pages: Why Should You Care?

Ecommerce sales are transactions performed over the internet, often for physical products. As a result, most customers don’t get to actually see the item they are purchasing. Products are advertised on Amazon through Amazon Detail Pages. These 1 page advertisements are your only opportunity to sell to the visitor. This series will cover how to use all the available options and tools to make the best detail page possible.

Amazon Detail Page (Screenshot)

Why make the effort?

While it’s lovely to read that doing all these things to help the customer better understand the product is important, why bother? Let’s be real, small businesses are REALLY busy! How important is it to take the time to improve my product detail pages?

Here’s what implementing the tips that you’ll learn in this series will do to your Amazon business:

  • Improve your conversion rate, AKA: Make you more money
  • Reduce customer complaints, AKA: Save You Time
  • Increase search ranking, AKA: Generate more traffic
  • Convert VERY HOT leads into sales, AKA: Close more
  • Improve brand legitimacy, AKA: Be a bigger fish

I think the tips and information I’m going to share in the next few blog posts will categorically change the way you think about and conduct your Amazon listings and operations.

Two Objections:

  1. I’m already the best marketing / Amazon / ecommerce guy/gal in the world. What will I learn?

You probably will not be shocked by the information you’ll read in these posts. It’s unlikely that you’ll be calling me a genius for telling you these things. What matters, regardless of how clever you are, is ARE YOU EXECUTING? Despite being a brain-box on Amazon, are you doing the things that matter? Are you making the effort? I guarantee you are not executing 100% of the things I will tell you about, 100% of the time. Even if you don’t learn something new, stop moaning that you still haven’t found the magic beans to 1 million orders, and start doing the little things that add up to more revenue. If you think you are doing 100% by 100%, I’d like to hear from you. Email me:

2. I don’t sell private-label goods, will this still help me?

Granted, you don’t have as much freedom to control the detail page as others, but there’s still lots you can do. Plus, if you win the buy box consistently, and you make great listing content, there’s no reason you cannot have the listing updated / improved by contacting Seller Support @ Amazon.

I hope this was valuable and got you excited to learn more about improving Amazon detail pages. Be sure to follow, subscribe, like or whatever your thing is, so you don’t miss the upcoming opportunities to learn about Amazon and Ecommerce.

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