#1 Secret Tip To Make More Sales on Amazon

Interactions with customers online before purchase are few and far between. Often customers are numbers and codes hidden behind the screen. By losing awareness that another human is behind the screen, the way we treat customer service and selling can change dramatically. (More on that later)

#1 Secret Tip To Make More Sales on Amazon

The unused Q&A section of Amazon

The question and answer section of an Amazon detail page is something few sellers ever look at or care about. However, customers asking questions are literally about to purchase, but have one quick question about the product.

Treat these questions like the customer is standing in your shop, right in front of your face. Do not underestimate the value of this feature! The Q&A section on Amazon is something underused and not incorporated enough into a marketing and sales plan. This section is not just for customer service.

First, here’s how you should handle these questions:

  1. Answer quickly; the faster you respond, the more likely the customer is to complete purchase
  2. Answer friendly; include some personality and address the customer directly by name, just like you would in an offline conversation
  3. Make the effort; often customers ask for information that you don’t know immediately or is unusual. Make the effort to find out and answer.
  4. Help others; everyone will see your answer who visit the page so be sure to be clear and include all the information you can. If a customer asks for the height of the item, give them the width and depth too. Someone else may find this information helpful

Amazon allow you to receive email notifications every time someone asks a question on a listing you sell against. This way, it’s easy to manage your Q&A. While it’s mainly more popular listings with complex products that receive lots of questions, all listings have this feature and anyone can benefit from it.

Doing this, answering every question with a personalised, friendly, helpful answer will guaranteed: convert more sales, lead to happier customers, reduce returns & customer service time and improve the reputability and image of your brand. Try it for a month with every new question and see how it goes, what harm can it do?

Detail Page: Customers Are Real

So hear is the juicy bit of knowledge that’s really at the centre of what I’m sharing today:

Treat your online customers like your offline ones! Help them like they’re standing right in front of you.

This is a huge problem in the evolving ecommerce and social media world. We’ve become too used to putting customers inside the computer, automating the process and entirely removing the human element.

The only time in an ecommerce transaction via Amazon or another marketplace when you might speak to a human is when you experience a problem. 1-on-1 interaction is reserved for unhappy customers. WHY!? Order number: 304–34450824–4954334 is a real person making a decision, not a transaction.

(Bonus Tip!) View your Amazon Detail Page through a customers view point and level of understanding. Educating the customer, once you tune into this view, seems plainly obvious. Do this for every new listing or offer you make: “What are the 5 things that a customer needs to know before purchase and can I see those 5 things on this page?” If no, add them now. If you’re not sure what the 5 things are, maybe consider talking with an ecommerce consultant about your range and how to optimise detail pages for customers.

I hope you found this helpful. Please hit me up on Twitter with any questions, or comment below.

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