5 Common Problems Faced When Managing a Large Ecommerce Site

Having a successful ecommerce site is considered to be a major boon for any business, big or small. Keeping this in mind, you launch your own ecommerce store with thousands of products and expect a huge boost in your business revenue in the coming months. However with the passage of time, to your utter disbelief, you find hardly any improvement in ecommerce sales.

The decrease in sales may be because your ecommerce site is plagued with the following problems:

Your Ecommerce Platform Cannot Handle a Large Number of Products

The addition of too many products adversely affects the performance of your ecommerce site. This indicates that the ecommerce platform that you have chosen for your online business is not scalable. Scalability means your ecommerce store performs well despite adding huge number of products or getting too much traffic. A highly scalable ecommerce platform ensures that your online store will grow smoothly as your business evolves.

So you need to choose an ecommerce platform that supports your current business needs and that scales up with changing needs. All in all, the ecommerce solution should be able to support any future growth.

Difficulty Navigating through the Site

It is often said that if you want to improve your conversion rates, make sure that your website navigation is user friendly. Website navigation that is too cluttered or too clumsy can drive customers away and cause a huge loss in business revenue. Your site navigation should be such that the visitor is easily able to find products with minimum number of clicks, particularly when the website contains a large number of products. Despite having a large product catalog, the navigation structure should be such that it groups products into appropriate categories so that it does not overwhelm your visitors.

Keep in mind that website navigation significantly affects the visitor experience. For instance, it is observed that navigation menus with fewer options result in more sales. So optimizing site navigation as per your increased content is a crucial step towards improving sales.

Product Findability Problems

Product findability problems in large ecommerce stores are becoming increasingly common as site search functionality is woefully lacking. When a prospect visits your site, it is important that you give him one-click or quick access to the products that he wants to view and buy. A good on-site experience plays a crucial role in improving sales. Auto complete and Autofill are some of the powerful search tools for your ecommerce site that can accelerate the search process of your customers by providing suggestions when customers start entering a few characters into the search box. This prevents customers from typing misspellings in the search box.

Your Ecommerce Site is not Mobile Responsive

Ecommerce site not being mobile responsive could be another reason why you are losing sales. Bluntly speaking, you are giving an open invitation to competitors to steal your business. This is because mobile ecommerce is one of the fastest growing segment, so you simply cannot afford to overlook the potential traffic that you can get from mobile devices. So if you want immediate improvement in sales, make sure your ecommerce site is mobile responsive.

Your Site’s Load Time is Slow

Prospects prefer to visit sites with pages that start loading with almost zero waiting time. 2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. However large websites often suffer from slow loading times, which could actually kill ecommerce sales and impede growth. To put it simply, if your ecommerce site doesn’t load quickly, you are likely to lose conversions. There are number of ways to get rid of bad performance that is impacting ecommerce sales. For instance, decreasing image size, caching as much as possible through the HTTP headers, using a content delivery network (CDN) and loading any of your third party JavaScripts asynchronously are some of the strategies that can help boost website performance.