Building Effective B2B Multi-channel Ecommerce Platform

Those into ecommerce business are often advised to take advantage of multiple channels in order to promote their brand and increase sales. Multi-channel ecommerce platform as we know, allows you to sell products at multiple marketplaces such as eBay and amazon as by having just one single online store. All your inventory is managed from a single place despite having products on multiple sales channels.

Here’s what you should do to build an effective B2B multi-channel ecommerce platform

Offer Personalization Features to B2B Customers

For building an effective B2B multichannel ecommerce platform, personalization is the key. You can personalize shopping experience of B2B customers by creating a custom catalog based on set contract terms and conditions. You can also provide search and navigation option on the basis of their contract. You can provide bulk order form to make ordering process fast and easy. Such improved personalization will surely attract more and more B2B buyers to your B2B ecommerce platform.

Adopt an Effective Lead-to-Revenue Management Process

You need to innovate your lead to revenue process so as to acquire new customers and achieve better results as far as overall revenue is concerned. It is important to think beyond the marketing to sales process. You got to create a new customer engagement model that helps to facilitate growth of your business.

When implementing lead-to-revenue management process, you need to focus particularly on nurturing B2B customers who do not purchase products on an impulse. Apart from the obvious email campaigns, consider B2B social media marketing. For work related purposes, it is better to connect with your customer on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can use these social media channels to boost visibility and sales.

Optimize your Business Model with Digital Marketing Strategies

Engage with B2B customers and increase sales through various digital marketing activities. Implementing digital marketing techniques for your multi-channel ecommerce platform can work wonders to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.

Ensure Good Support to Handle B2B Multi-channel Ecommerce Platform

You may have started your B2B multi-channel ecommerce platform but make sure you have the necessary expertise and the ecommerce software tools to successfully handle the challenges associated with multi-channel sales.

Have the Widest Possible Distribution of your Products

Well, you cannot just stick to one or two marketplaces in order to reach wider audience. So apart from eBay and Amazon, there are other channels like, and shopping comparison sites like Price Grabber, Bizrate and Shopzilla where you can advertise your products and drive traffic and sales. With Shopzilla and Bizrate connecting over 40 million shoppers a month, one can understand how advertising products on these sites can play a crucial role in dramatically improving the reach of your ecommerce site.

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