Get Real Time Access to Product Pricing with Sales Quoting Software

Are you one of those value added resellers (VARS) who access the supplier’s site in order to know the current pricing and product availability? Are you looking for a better alternative to this time consuming activity that is prone to errors and that slows down the quote creation process? Well, it’s time to use a Sales quoting software that can work wonders to improve the productivity of your sales team.

In order to generate accurate quotes quickly, it is imperative to have easy access to product information from multiple suppliers. This is what you can do with a quoting tool. Real-time pricing & availability is an important feature of Online quoting system that makes it simpler to create quotes with accurate pricing. The software tool comes with an integrated supplier catalog that provides details of products along with their pricing and availability in real time. The catalog does an important job of streaming data in real time from major suppliers.

The catalog will store products from all suppliers that the VAR is connected to. So the tool allows you to view all your suppliers at once. No accessing every supplier’s website to get product details. As you know the product pricing are fluctuating and are never the same for the entire duration of the day. The catalog connected to the tool reflects these changes in real time.

Any last minute changes in pricing will be reflected in the catalog. Hence, you are able to generate quotes with correct pricing. With real time pricing available from multiple suppliers, you can make the best buying decision that gives you the maximum margin in that transaction. On the whole, if you want to eliminate pricing errors while making quotes, make sure to use this quoting or Proposal software so as to ensure accuracy in quotes.