How can B2B Customers Benefit from PunchOut Catalog

As a VAR (value added reseller), you know that major chunk of the revenue comes from B2B customers. In such circumstances, keeping the customer happy will ensure better growth prospects for your business. Providing PunchOut catalog can help boost customer relationships as it can simplifies the buying process. No wonder, VARs who do not provide PunchOut are unlikely to gain new customers.

Offering PunchOut capability allows your B2B customers to easily shop from your website. It delivers a far better purchasing experience for such buyers and encourages them to re-purchase. Every B2B customer connected with you has a legal contract. So the product offering and pricing will vary from one customer to another as per the contract. Handling such diverse contract catalogs can be difficult for VARs. Without PunchOut, the customer has to navigate through the supplier’s entire catalog in order to search their contract catalog. This is tedious and time consuming.

A better option is to use Oracle iProcurement PunchOut, a functionality that gives B2B customers direct access to their own contract catalog that meets their exact requirements. Moreover, despite accessing an external site (supplier’s catalog), the customer does not leave his procurement system. That’s the biggest advantage of using PunchOut. It is convenient as it eliminates the time taking task of browsing through thousands of products in order to reach the right catalog. The customer is just given a link in his procurement system, which upon clicking redirects the user to the desired contract catalog. As a result, the customer gets immediate access to his products that too without entering any login credentials.

PeopleSoft PunchOut catalog provides a user-friendly shopping experience as the catalog is tailored as per the customer needs. In simple words, it is customized the way the customer wants. So the product offerings, categories/sub-categories and special pricing in the PunchOut catalog are as per the business requirements of every B2B customers.