How can CRM help improve your Ecommerce Business?

You are reading this means probably you have heard about CRM and look forward to stepping up your business with a proper tool that will help you get an insight of your buyers, or improve the efficacy of support and sales teams.

With advancement in technology, CRM has notably advanced from more than just being a ‘glorified Rolodex’ to help enhance customer relationships. In today’s digital edge, analytics means everything and Customer Resource Management (CRM) does it all. This is an umbrella term which considers several strategies which various companies implement in order to evaluate their interaction with their customers. This data then can be used to plan steps ahead to perk up the customer interaction. CRM helps businesses in making more profit, and this is the reason why more and more companies have started focusing on CRM systems.

Research shows that investing in CRM software was a top priority for IT in 2016 with a focus on customer satisfaction and customer retention. If you are still doubtful of whether these CRM systems will work for you, then let us have a look at benefits which your e-commerce business could reap by implementing CRM software.

• Deeper analytics: The majority of conventional sales channels do not present the strong analytics needed by a business for evaluating the customer data fully. If you have the right CRM system in place, it is easier for you to create supercharged conversion funnels, targeted sales campaigns and optimized sales channels at better rates with fewer returns and decreased cart abandonment rates.

• Identify valuable customers and best selling products: Certainly, you can drive some of this data from different online marketplaces or stores. Though this method of analyzing customer trends by product sales is effective, it is tiresome and tedious. Even after having software to collect data, it might not be adequate to tether all of the sales channels. On the other hand, with CRM, it is possible to plug the software directly into all of the sales channels that a business makes use of. Thus it gathers customer information immediately for analysis, and it becomes easier to keep an eye on conversion funnel tendencies, lead origination sources, buying habits, and trends, cost vs. profit margins, return patterns, etc. This means that it becomes easy to find out best-selling products, when they sell the best, and who’s returning products the most, etc.

With these details about valuable customers, you can easily cater your offerings and products, sales and sales channels accordingly, to boost conversion across all channels while improving profits and avoiding returns. Furthermore, you can find more customers that are just profitable for you as well as you can get these valued customers coming back to your business by providing them the highest level of service.

When you have data about your top performing products, you can create or source products on similar lines. Furthermore, it becomes easy to identify similarities in the best selling products. This will also help you get the idea about new products that your customers will like. Moreover, you can rethink about poorly performing products. You can either eliminate or get them better. It will help you remove worst performing products and cut your costs immediately.

• Keep on the top of your Ecommerce business with Dashboards- With a customized dashboard with your key business metrics like monthly revenue, monthly order volume, average order volume, etc., you can be considerably more effective. It makes it easy to get continuous responses on how your actions are influencing key metrics.

All in all, CRM is a multifaceted tool and is certainly worth trying to get your online business to the next level.

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