How Guided Selling in CPQ can Simplify your Quoting Process

Ask any sales rep working in any VAR business about the most time consuming tasks they face and pat would be the reply — creating quotes from complex catalog. No wonder, closing bigger deals becomes an inherently slow process. The key to resolve the issue is to use a CPQ tool.

When it comes to configuring complicated product offerings, you can always rely on Configure price quote software. Whether it is about pricing complex products correctly or creating quotes accurately and quickly, CPQ tool is one stop solution to simplify your quoting activity.

The ‘Guided Selling’ feature in Configure price quote solution is particularly useful for novice sales reps. Creating a configuration from a complex product catalog can be a daunting task when you have very little knowledge about the possible combinations available for making the product. This is where the ‘Guided Selling’ feature comes into picture.

As the name suggests, the feature literally guides you in creating the right combination as per customer needs. The feature asks a series of questions to the sales rep to retriever product information that he is looking for. Once you start answering relevant questions as per your requirements, the feature accordingly suggests a list of product configurations that exactly suits your needs. Moreover while configuring products, the feature ensures component-to-component compatibility.

No matter how comprehensive the configuration is, the ‘Guided Selling’ feature takes you to the right solution. Moreover, you create a complex product quickly with confidence. So the next time your customers request a complex quote, you are unlikely to take hours to fulfill the quote request. You will be in a position to sell complex products faster, which can have a positive impact on your revenue.

Also, most of the CPQ tools today are available as a Web-based quoting software. So just an Internet connection to your device allows you to access the software and create complex quotes with ease.