Make your Website PunchOut Ready and get more B2B Customers

Want to make the purchasing process of your B2B buyers painless? Want to connect with your large customers in a better way? Well, the first thing that you need to do is make your website PunchOut ready. SAP and OCI are the popular providers of PunchOut functionality. You can use either SAP or OCI PunchOut catalog to make your website PunchOut enabled.

Customers with bigger contracts are looking for greater convenience and efficiency when it comes to purchasing products from their vendors. This can be achieved easily by using PunchOut, a protocol that simplifies online catalog shopping of big customers. The catalog content from the procurement system can be accessed with a single click without entering login credentials (username and password). In short, it gives buyers a single point of entry to their catalog content.

PunchOut catalog provides a convenient interface wherein the customer gets direct access to his own Contract catalog with pre-approved products and pricing. This eliminates the burden of searching supplier’s entire catalog. So the purchase order created by the customers will always contain products with contract pricing. This reduces purchase order revisions, thereby improving efficiency in the ordering process.

As a vendor, you can give access to latest content and pricing to your B2B buyer. You are able to provide accurate information to your buyers. This ensures there are no pricing errors in purchase orders created by your buyer. You no longer have to handle same order twice on account of errors, in turn saving your time and unnecessary costs.

Moreover vendors offering OCI or SAP PunchOut are able to automate their customer’s approval process. Neither the vendor nor the customers are involved in printing, scanning & faxing the orders. The customer only has to send a notification alert through their procurement system in order to confirm the quotes. This helps to speed up the ordering process considerably.