What are the Different Software Modules that VARStreet Provide?

Established in 1999, VARStreet is a popular business management platform among the top VARs (value added resellers) of United States and Canada. Small and medium sized VARs have also been using VARStreet for quite some time. To be more specific, VARStreet has done business with over 3500+ VARs till date. Customers who have been using VARStreet have observed 10–25% increase in business revenue.

The platform comes with a number of modules and functionalities that can help you better streamline your business, improve your workflow, boost your productivity, increase your revenue and provide your customers a seamless user experience.

Contrary to the popular belief, VARStreet is not just an ecommerce platform, but a complete business management solution. No wonder, VARStreet is also referred to as all-in-one business management platform.

Software Modules that VARStreet Offers

Ecommerce — VARStreet offers a highly robust and technically advanced ecommerce solution [VP1] that can be a perfect fit for any size business. Whether you have a large B2B enterprise, small B2C business or a medium sized B2G business model, you can trust VARStreet to fulfill your ecommerce needs. The VARStreet ecommerce store that comes with shopping cart functionality is secure and highly scalable that will continue to grow with your business as it expands over time.

Sales Quoting — As your business grows you simply cannot afford to create quotations manually. In such circumstances, you need to use sales quoting tool offered by VARStreet. With this quoting software, the task of creating and sending an attractive quotation to customer takes just a few minutes to complete. Also Internet connectivity to your computer is all that is required to use the software quoting tool. So whether you are using a desktop, laptop or even a mobile (its mobile version is also available) as long as you have Web access, the VARStreet sales quoting software is available for creating quotations.

CRM— When you use VARStreet, you actually save money by removing the need to purchase a separate CRM to effectively manage and nurture leads. This is because VARStreet comes with a built-in CRM system for added convenience. So with VARStreet platform at your disposal, you no longer have to buy expensive CRM software from third party providers.

Aggregated Catalog — VARStreet platform is connected to over 35+ distributors. Now each distributor has its own product catalog. VARStreet combines catalog of each of these distributors to form one big aggregated catalog. The aggregated catalog is a logical grouping of products and is a database of 2 million IT & Office Supplies SKU’s. This aggregated catalog is a source of comprehensive and latest information of products in terms of price and availability. So once you decide to use VARStreet, you get full access to this detailed product catalog.

Integration with Etilize

VARStreet has integrated with Etilize, the #1 Supplier of e-Commerce Product Data including product images, technical specification and short and long description. So you can add product images while creating quotations and moreover access rich content through VARStreet for your ecommerce site.

Does VARStreet have Competitors?

It is observed that VARStreet has competition in the VAR space but to be honest the competitors are very few that can provide both ecommerce and sales quoting tool for their customers. Also there are hardly any business management solutions that provide CRM in addition to ecommerce and quoting platform.