What to Look for when Selecting an Accounting Software

Want to increase efficiency in your accounting process? Well, it’s time to use a software tool that helps to improve your financial management. Accounting software has been by far the most popular, and commonly used by business organizations around the world.

Now there are different types of accounting tools available in the market. You need to choose that best fits your business needs but at the same time enables you to monitor your company’s financial health in the most cost effective manner.

Following are the factors to consider when opting for an accounting tool:

Desktop or Online

An online accounting software is often preferred as it offers more flexibility in terms of accessibility. You can access it from anywhere, provided your device (smartphone, tablet, and laptop) is connected to the Internet. Whereas in case of desktop versions, in most cases, you remain tied to the office. So choose a vendor that offers cloud-based services, which will allow you to access the software via the Internet. These online tools can easily integrate with project management software such as Autotask. Autotask integration with accounting software can work wonders to run your business efficiently.


Choose features that help to meet your business needs. For most small and medium sized business, QuickBooks accounting software is recommended. It comes with standard features and functionalities at the same time remaining completely customizable. It allows you to automate processes like invoicing, payroll and reporting and other manual tasks with great accuracy. So QuickBooks online integration with your existing system can certainly help to create a time-saving accounting system for your business. You no longer have to spend hours in processing payroll.


You certainly don’t want to spend a bomb in buying an accounting software. So go for a pricing model that is reasonable and affordable to you. The traditional accounting software may require large upfront cost and licensing fees. More the setup and installation too can be time consuming. On the other hand, an Online integration software come with a simple monthly fee which includes all usage and support and on top of that there are no installation or maintenance costs.

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