The Untitled Retail Lab has invested 125 thousand dollars into the E-Contenta personal recommendations service

The Untitled Retail Lab Has Invested 125 Thousand Dollars into the E-Contenta Recommendations Service

Mar 17, 2016 · 3 min read

The Untitled Retail Lab venture company has invested 125 thousand dollars into the E-Contenta personal recommendations service. The transaction took place in December 2015. The project evaluation and company take are not being disclosed.

E-Contenta recommendations service, based on an analysis of people’s conduct on the internet, predicts what they will want to read, listen to, watch, and buy.

At the foundation of the technology lies its very own personal development of a hybrid recommendations system where it applies a classical approach to collaborative filtering and content-dependent algorithms. The personal recommendations may be presented both on customer platforms and in banners from external resources. In March it plans to launch personalized ad campaigns featuring a dynamic, creative system based on RTB technology.

E-Contenta collaborats with Bookmate, Rutube, Dozhd TV channel, TSUM, and Vidimax among others. Talks are currently underway with several large telecommunications providers. The company offers its clients a breadth of personal services: E-Contenta Attract, E-Contenta Engage, and E-Contenta Return.

About The Untitled Retail Lab

The Untitled Retail Lab is a venture company, specialized in “early cycle” investment,
combines deep industry expertise, communication and teamwork.

The company was founded in 2011 by Constantine Sinyushin, successful investor and entrepreneur in the hi-tec market.

The Untitled Retail Lab supports the fundamental transformation of existing markets and consumption patterns. “The new product in a new market” is the basic business principle of the companies with which The Untitled Retail Lab works.

The focus of The Untitled Retail Lab is the development of local projects with global prospects, built on the unique technology developments and business models. One of the key success factors of the company is the bet on the synergistic development within the asset portfolio.

The Untitled Retail Lab invests in the product / service development, marketing and scaling. At the early stage The Untitled Retail Lab invests $150.000 for 25–30%. To get investment, startup should have a strong management team, a clear product / service positioning, working prototype and synergistic potential. At A-B rounds The Untitled Retail Lab invests $1–2M for 15–25%. Requirements to the startup are to have a rapid growth, ideological leadership in the segment and synergistic potential.

At the moment in the portfolio of The Untitled Retail Lab are:

  • Zingaya, a cloud platform for real-time communication app development.
  • Boommy, a marketplace where girls can shop and sell fashion items fast and easy.
  • Alloka, a web-analytics for traditional offline business, e-commerce and classifieds to know everything about phone callers.
  • GBooking allows consumers to search, compare and book services online with a built-in price optimization algorithm.
  • Fingo, a service with augmented reality, which allows for only a few minutes to create an interior of your own home, to see how the furniture will look like in real space, and instantly make your favorite products.
  • Channelkit, a tool to neatly collect and organize web content for yourself and for others.
  • Octopod, a rapid mobile application development tool for independent software developers and enterprise IT departments.
  • Recruitloop, a platform for employers to automate and outsource the recruitment process, on-demand.
  • Endorphin , a marketing intelligence service for e-commerce.
  • Noosphere , a video-on-demand platform targeted on various devices.
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