Boosting Business One Presentation at a Time: Part 1

Building Bridges to Success

Success. It’s what we as professionals strive to achieve each day. What exactly makes your business successful though? Is it increasing profit margins? Is it building your brand and your organization as one? Maybe it’s a combination of both. No matter how you define success, the ECOS presentation platform can help you achieve your goals. Here’s how.

Sales Enablement

Sales and marketing are terms that are often tied together when we speak about an organization’s structure, processes, or goals. In practice though, sales and marketing teams often function as two separate entities that have little to limited collaboration with one another. This can lead to ineffective communication not only between your team members, but between your business and your audience as well. In a Qvidian Sales Execution Survey, they found that 88% of missed opportunities were caused because sales couldn’t find or leverage internal resources.

Sales enablement means implementing processes and tools that increase productivity of the company as a whole. At ECOS, we’re helping businesses like yours achieve success by constantly keeping the idea of sales enablement in mind.

Reconnecting Sales and Marketing

Our presentation platform closes the communication gaps between sales andmarketing teams. Cloud-based storage of all your presentation materials allows easy access to the latest information and data available on your products or services. ECOS also makes it simple to share, print, or email your presentation for a wide array of deployment options.

Boost revenue by giving your sales professionals the ability to access and organize pre-approved slides that provide a consistent pitch deck to be put together anywhere, anytime. Let them get back to what they do best; selling.

Protecting Your Brand

From a marketing perspective, consistency in your message is directly related to how effective your branding will be. Our presentation platform allows full control over the images and messages that are representing your brand. Marketers spend hours creating fancy decks, but around 90% of this collateral is never used by sales reps. (Source: CSO Insights) Don’t let the messaging that your marketing team has perfected go unused.

If you ever need to update or change the message, no problem! Simply make the appropriate alterations to a single slide in your centralized library of slides, and the change will carry over to any other presentation in the system that uses that slide. That includes any decks that are currently being used in the field.

Engaging The Audience

A clear and consistent message can increase the amount of interaction and attention the audience gives your presentation, but this isn’t the only way ECOS is boosting engagement. With our platform, you can create interactive presentations that animate or include videos that help support your message.

ECOS Works

Each of these platform features can go a long way in helping you and your business attain the goals you set, but the need to measure and analyze certain aspects of your presentation is also crucial to success. ECOS tracks and reports on the critical pieces of your presentation so that you can constantly improve the way you’re sharing information about your products and services.

Would you like to know which slides or presentations are most popular? Do you need to find out the most common device being used to view your materials, or would determining the amount of time that’s being spent on each presentation your organization is creating be useful? ECOS provides an answer to each of these questions through our analytics tools! Find out more about what analytics are tracked on our FAQ page.

The Real World: ECOS

A diverse group of organizations are already using ECOS to effectively and consistently present their brand to consumers. Check out the next part of this blog series to find out more about how ECOS has revolutionized the way presentations are built, shared, and given.

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