“Review” Profile for ‘The Daily Show’

So here is a list of ten facts about ‘The Daily Show’:

  1. The Daily Show first aired on Comedy Central on July 21, 1996 at 12am EST.
  2. The Daily Show was originally hosted by Craig Kilborn, a comedian and former SportsCenter anchor.
  3. Kilborn ended his run as host on December 17, 1998.
  4. Jon Stewart, a comedian and actor, was chosen to replace Kilborn as the shows host, and began his run on January 11, 1999.
  5. With Stewart as the host, the format of the show changed drastically, focusing more on the politics of the day as opposed to pop culture, as was the focus under Kilborn.
  6. Under Stewart, the show layout was changed and became more episodic; Stewart’s monologue opening segment, a correspondents piece, and a closing celebrity or politician interview.
  7. The role of the correspondents also grew under Stewart. Some who got there start on the show: Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, John Oliver and Olivia Munn.
  8. ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ ended its run with Jon Stewart as host on August 9, 2015.
  9. Trevor Noah, a bi-racial South African comedian and performer, was chosen by Comedy Central to host a new version of ‘The Daily Show’. Its premier will be September 28, 2015.
  10. After ‘South Park’, ‘The Daily Show’ is the second longest running show in Comedy Centrals history.
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