Logical conclusions

I always find myself opening up new tabs. Tabs to go where? What do I hope for when, almost by reflex, I open up tab after tab? Soon I am overwhelmed. I have three hundred blank tabs open and they stare back at me like the eyes adorning Argus’s body. They do not lead anywhere — they are supposed to be at my bidding. But I cannot control them, or myself. The search engine has grown too powerful and it has taken my brain and blended it at a high velocity until there are not neurons left to deliver a search term to my three hundred questing children.

I have gone too far to stop. I transcend the notion of ‘too many’. The little of my brainstem remaining after the vigorous blending grips one new idea with the ferocity of something very ferocious gripping very tightly indeed. I open more tabs. It is now impossible to stop. Two hours have gone by before I know it, and my laptop’s trackpad is a battered and cracked echo of its former self. The tabs are innumerable, and I have only myself and my corporate sponsors to thank for my glorious and undying achievement.