Big University Funds Like Harvard are Investing in Crypto?

My theory is that there will be a second boom in crypto driven by major financial institutions. The platforms they need to get into this market are only now being launched. These guys control probably 80% of the global investment money — $100trillion+. They are funds, pensions, banks, family offices, HNW individuals, etc.

According to Tom Lee from Fundstat, the world’s leading crypto advisor, “if you understand that every new dollar invested produces a multiple on price, when the market is moving forward, $1million of NEW money produces $10mil in price action.”

Just 0.1% of financial instiitutional money would produce $100bn in investment x 10 = $1trillion in value = price growth of 700% from todays prices. And they will probably invest only in the big blue chip coins — Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

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University Endowments Teardrop Cash in Crypto

Major university endowment funds have recently been investing small amounts of cash in cryptocurrency funds. Last year saw the likes of Harvard, MIT and Stanford all part with a little bit. The latest comes out of Michigan where $3million was invested last year into Andreessen Horowitz A16Z Crypto fund. While headlines loved the $12 billion endowment fund looking to venture it’s way into crypto, a 1.8% investment from it’s total 2018 funding is still quite an insignificant sum.

Still, it does indicate the appetites of rich sponsors who have historically invested in global assets to part with some of their cash into a technology still not yet proven. $12bn is multipled into $100bn in price action!

Exciting times ahead.

If you haven't already, make sure you are invested now and positioned ahead of the boom!