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Our Shared Responsibility to Safety and Democracy

Ed Markey
Ed Markey
Mar 13 · 2 min read

My campaign is committed to building, supporting, and strengthening connections to help people continue to feel a sense of community during this crisis. We are providing maximum accommodation for staff, volunteers, and supporters to take care of themselves, their families, and their loved ones as we have since the coronavirus became apparent. We face a new reality, and the campaign will continue to operate because an engaged democracy is important.

My campaign is about you, and your health and safety are my top priorities. We know we are facing a national emergency. And after unconscionable mismanagement of this crisis, Donald Trump has finally declared one.

Many of you are making big sacrifices, quarantining yourselves, postponing or cancelling major events, dealing with closed schools and daycare. We are grateful to you. Right now, our primary goal needs to be to slow the spread of this virus, and we all share that responsibility.

That shared responsibility is what our democracy is all about. A responsibility to each other and to the health of this nation. And it is only with a robust and engaged democracy that we can mobilize to address the greatest challenges we face. Person-to-person, friend-to-friend, neighbor-to-neighbor — but for now, 3–6 feet apart. Communicating, respecting, and supporting each other. That is how our people-powered democracy will respond to the threat of coronavirus, and that is how I have built my campaign.

This current moment may call for distancing and isolation, but we cannot and should not sever our basic human connections to one another. Those connections will ensure the best long-term outcomes.

On Monday, I will return to Washington, D.C. to work on legislation to combat this public health emergency. I was the first in the Senate to call for a coronavirus “czar,” and I will introduce a bill to make that job permanent. I will fight for more money to go into Medicaid, to immediately pump more resources into Massachusetts and other states to respond to the crisis. And I will continue to push for my legislation to invest $1 billion in research into a universal coronavirus vaccine so that we can prepare for the next biothreat.

We need to make sure that testing and treatment are free and widespread. That workers will have the sick time they need. That families will have the resources to stay in their homes. That children will have hot meals. That a sense of urgency and human decency will prevail in our response to this emergency.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and staff who are working to strengthen our democracy to meet this great challenge. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong.

Written by

Ed Markey

U.S. Senator fighting for the families and future of Massachusetts. Malden native, Red Sox fan, #netneutrality defender, co-author of the #GreenNewDeal (he/him)

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