Mark Your Pregnancy With a Belly Cast

The miracle of a life growing inside you feels absolutely wonderful and every woman wants to preserve the delicate moments forever. Mothers-to-be try to capture how they looked during their pregnancy with pictures and videos. However, the best of cameras fail to do justice to the delightful shape and form of an expecting mother.

Indeed, the finest way to have an everlasting keepsake of the special journey is to create a belly cast! This sculpture represents the beautifully-pregnant abdomen in a three dimensional form and truly preserves the shape of the belly even as it documents this amazing time for the parents.

The thrill and excitement can be further enhanced by having a partner or older child place their hands on the mother’s belly as if they are embracing the new arrival!

How is it done?

A belly cast is also known as a pregnancy belly cast, belly mask or prenatal cast. The procedure is entirely safe for both the mother and the baby. The skin is first prepared by coating with petroleum jelly or other similar product. This will ensure that the mold comes off easily once it has cured.

Overlapping strips of wet plaster bandages are carefully laid over the belly till it covers the entire surface. Once the plaster has set, the mold is gently removed and allowed to air dry. The procedure takes only about half an hour and the mold should be completely dry in one or two days.

The mold captures the form of the belly and the life casting artist then proceeds to make a plaster cast from the mold. This can take up to a week.

When should it be done?

While a belly casting can be done at any time, it is usually preferred in the third trimester, between 34 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. Another approach is to make belly casts at several stages of the pregnancy to capture the miraculous evolution as the baby continues to grow inside.

What to do with it?

A belly cast displays the gorgeously-pregnant abdomen in all its glory and it can be left as it is or further decorated with cute sequins, mirrors, beads, metallic paint, glaze and so on. The color, finish and design can add interesting character to the belly cast. Some mothers even choose to have the baby’s hand or footprints embossed on the belly cast after the birth.

A belly cast is usually hung in the bedroom or nursery as a unique reminder of the special moment of your life. Once the baby grows up, you both can fondly look back on how big you were when he/she was on the way!

Therefore, while a latex mask serves well to capture the shape of your face or to make interesting costumes, nothing can represent the beauty of pregnancy better than a belly casting!

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