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Astoria State by @seansweetman

Rising Rockers set to tour with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

No strangers to the toil and grind of the Music business, the members of Astoria State have been professional musicians and road warriors in bands for the past decade. They’ve been supporting members in various projects, and have now decided the time is right to step forward and take the lead roles in a project they’ve been visualizing together for years. With the release of the hard-hitting yet hopeful new single “Nobody Knows”, Astoria State are ready to take on that challenge.

Boasting an instantly memorable chorus and driving melody…

Wavy Trees Scream “I Wanna Go Out” With Debut Release

Wavy Trees by Kay Dargen

If Wayne’s World and Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure collided in an alternate reality House party, Los Angeles based Wavy Trees would be the band playing in the back yard. The cosmic bartender at this gathering would be mixing swaggering rock riffs with the attitude and energy of garage-punk, dumping it into a shaker and pouring out a potent cocktail of we-could-give-a-fuck fun. With the release of debut track “I Wanna Go Out” they are declaring themselves to the world with the perfect anthem for the pent-up frustration that so…

Little Hurt Releases Video for “Messed Up”

Little Hurt’s Colin Dieden

Little Hurt has just released a video for the deeply personal song “Messed Up”, the focus track from his “Every Second” EP.

Little Hurt’s Colin Dieden says “Messed Up’ was a difficult story to tell while writing it, so I wanted to convey that in this video. I hadn’t done a live performance aspect in a Little Hurt video yet and I thought it could be a way to successfully convey some of the aggression I’ve felt surrounding this song.

He continues “I brought on my good friend Ryan Blewett as Director/Producer to…

Moon Fever — “Cheap Thrills”

Everyone is addicted to excitement. That feeling you get when meeting someone new or experiencing something for the first time is the closest to a pure high most of us will ever enjoy. You can spend your whole life chasing it — despite knowing it’s fleeting. Keeping Rock N’ Roll alive with a steady stream of upbeat and fun songs, Moon Fever continues to demand an audience with their new release “Cheap Thrills.”

The driving stomper of a song touches on a wide array of events, moments, and things that can give you that temporary high, and in doing so…

Little Hurt Releases First EP “Every Second”

Following up on his breakout 2020, Little Hurt (aka Colin Dieden, formerly of The Mowglis) has used his time during the long Covid quarantine to full effect. The resulting recordings are now available on his just released first EP “Every Second”. The new focus track from the release is a deeply personal song “Messed Up”. In talking about his motivations for the “Every Second” EP, Dieden says “2020 was an incredibly hard year for everyone, and I wasn’t exempt from that. In fact it was easily the hardest year of my life both…

Zero Theorem — The Killing II EP

Los Angeles based Zero Theorem are continuing their momentum from 2020 with the release of new EPThe Killing II’, now available worldwide. The band combines existential lyrics about the human experience with blistering instrumentation. The group follows the lead of bands such as Tool and Primus by creating an entire universe of sound and light for fans to explore. The band teamed with renowned producer Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach) on the EP and new focus track ‘Joke”. Vocalist Caesar says of ‘Joke’: “The song reflects the illusory nature of the…


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