When it comes to add-on on KODI there is non as popular as the KODI super add-on, GENESIS. So when a major new update is rumoured to be in the works everyone gets a little excited about the possibilities. Well, it’s now official the KODI super add-on, Genesis has been updated to the latest version 4.8.3 by dev Lambda which is said to have fixed most of if not all of the errors the KODI faithful have been getting over the past few weeks. We’re excited about this, so lets dig a little deeper into what’s exactly new in the latest release.

So what’s new in GENESIS 4.8.3…

  • Added Pubfilm source
  • Removed Online Movies source
  • Fixed available sources
  • Tweaked views detection
  • Fixed available resolvers
  • Removed Online Movies source
  • Code cosmetics
  • Added download manager
  • Tweaked views detection
  • Tweaked tools section

Just to confirm…

As GENESIS is probably up there with one of if not the most popular add-ons on KODI right now when it’s very rare that that there are any issues with the add-on due to the dedication of the dev, however it’s been evident that the add-on has struggled a little over the past few weeks as KODI users from all over have reported several issues such as script errors and crashing. So this new release is a significant one in all areas really, not only are we getting a few new features but we’re excited to see the add-on back on top where it belongs, error free.

If you have GENESIS installed then it should update automatically. However if you find that you’re not on version 4.8.3 then it’s really simple to update, all you really need to do is navigate to your add-ons page and locate the LAMBDA REPOSITORY, perform a force refresh and then open the repo. Locate GENESIS and click enter to open it. You should then see that the version is 4.8.3 on the right hand side. If you’re not sure, simply uninstall it, and then re install. The re installed version should now be the latest version.

Originally published at on July 9, 2015.

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