The Ultimate Greek Addon For Prometheus

With the Prometheus Community spreading far and worldwide on a daily bases, we have to keep up with what you the user requires. One requirement we take very seriously is your country of origin. Where ever the community is in the world, we will try and provide a addon where you can watch or catchup on your local TV.

Today we have come across a fantastic Greek / Cypriot addon that has loads of content, inc; Live TV, Sports, News and much more.

The addon in question is Hellenic TV.

Like the sound of Hellenic TV? Well, let’s show you guys how to rock this on your device.

  • 1st up, head over to our BuddyDrive and download the ‘lambda’ and the install on your device either via USB or Wirelessly 😉 (If you already have the repo installed, skip these steps)
  • Now you have lambda repo installed, we need to enable Hellenic TV. We do this by going to the newly installed repo, select.
  • Drop down to video addon’s and select.
  • Navigate down the list until you see Hellenic TV and enable it.
  • Once enabled, head back to your home-screen and head into addon central. This is where you will find Hellenic TV
  • Having a abundance of categories just shows you how hard the guy’s behind Hellenic TV have worked, as behind these there are loads….and we mean loads of awesome live feeds! Let’s check out ‘TV’ 😉
  • We’ve gone through over half of the live feeds and they we’re all working. We are very impressed! (like with all addon’s, if you find a feed down, try and contact the dev [lambda] to notify)
  • Let’s move onto ‘Sport’ , after all this is is the most popular subject in the community. While there’s not a massive list of sport feeds, these all work.

So there you have it, Hellenic TV rocking on your device giving you some awesome streams. We’ve only touched on the two most popular categories. I think we should leave you guy’s to explore the rest…’ll be very surprised at what you find.

Mar 5, 2015 iJ0rd8n

Originally published at on March 5, 2015.

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