Dedication Before Dawn

6:35 AM. The sun isn’t up yet and I am out in the yard with my dog while I sip on mug of coffee #2 and scan Twitter to see if anyone finally hit the Powerball ginormous jackpot last night.

Across the street, a car pulls into an otherwise empty elementary school parking lot. I watch as a woman I can only assume is a teacher based on the large bag-o-stuff she slings over her shoulder as gets she out of her car heads toward the building. I often see her car there early. And late. I am thinking about how early she must get up to be at school before dawn when a familiar sound of air breaks and a diesel engine idling distracts me.

On the street next to my house, a school bus has pulled to the curb for a few minutes. A bus driver also up before the sun is waiting to start his route. As I try to coax my dog back into the house from her sniffing adventures, the air breaks release and the bus is on its way to gather kids for a day of discovery and learning.

And there are others unseen. Nutrition services getting breakfast ready. Custodians unlocking doors and turning on lights. Administrators arriving to meet with parents early so they don’t miss work. Teachers and librarians and aides prepping lessons and looking forward to the smiles that will greet them in a short while.

So many dedicated men and women investing their time and talent in our children in public schools. Quietly before dawn. Their own stories often unknown as they work to help our kids shine.