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Because “Chronic Lyme” *is* a manufactured controversy, not an actual one. And you have bought into all the propaganda and conspiracy theories, whether you’ll ever be able to admit it or not. The whole ”Chronic Lyme” thing is an anti-science movement and the community is essentially a cult, and the members treat their beliefs about Lyme as if Lyme were their religion. It’s quite sad really. Had I continued believing in all of the Scientology-esque stuff you believe about Lyme I wouldn’t have my life back today, meanwhile people lose everything they have chasing false hope treating an infection that’s already gone. I couldn’t feel more sorry for you, because it’s likely going to take years for you to question these things properly and realize how much you’ve been misled about Lyme, if you ever even do. Best of luck to you in one day understanding that you are a victim of the Lyme community.